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24 Hilarious Tumblr Reactions To The Marriage Equality Ruling

Shout-out to SCOTUS, aka the real MVP!

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The SCOTUS ruling this morning had everyone feeling some sort of way.

Especially on Tumblr:

Here are the best of the best reactions on this historical day:

1. The best possible answer to really understanding what girls say vs. what they actually mean:

2. This comic, which gives a bit of insight into what the Gay Agenda is truly about:

3. This truth, which is more satisfying than a pot of hot ~tea~:

4. This though:

5. This masterful and, quite honestly, beautiful usage of superpowers:

6. This reaction, which details just how turnt Pride festivities will be:

7. This pure, unadulterated truth bomb:

8. And this well-laid shade:

9. This not-so-subtle dig at a few justices who are, er, behind the times.

Shout-out to the Notorious RBG!

10. There's this woman who has co-workers who are really invested in her personal life:

The thirst is real.

11. This quick reading of receipts:

12. Tumblr always has the receipts.

13. And this perfect summary:

14. The most accurate interpretation of what the signs mean:

15. This person who's very happy, but maybe doesn't really understand what the same-sex marriage ruling is, exactly:

16. This goddamn work of art:

17. And this work of art as well, tbh:

18. That moment when your computer spews the entire rainbow into your pupils:

19. This very ~festive~ way to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling:

20. This reaction that's very reminiscent of "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes":

21. So much yes:

22. We should be so happy that Macklemore wrote that one song about same-sex relationships:

23. This reaction inspired by Oprah's Favorite Things:

24. And finally, this perfect response to the person who's unaware that same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005: