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15 Essential Vines To Help You Celebrate Marriage Equality

The running of the interns set to Bey is all you need.

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1. This intern running the world.

2. And all of these amazing humans.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsberg rightfully throwing down.

4. And Barack Obama feeling really great rn.

5. This party in the USA.

6. And this exclamation of pure joy.

7. Ariana Grande channeling all of us.

8. And Josh Hutcherson's interview from a while ago that feels especially relevant today.

9. This homage to Piper and Alex, who could legally marry anywhere now.

10. And this fan vid of beautiful proposals, many of which have still to come.

11. This small office celebration.

12. And this slightly bigger one:

13. Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, OBVI.

14. This flawless rainbow.

15. And these kids, who are basically all of us.

Inspired by this Vine playlist.

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