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March Madness

March Madness

Keep March Madness Going All Year Long

An entire calendar of sports worth going mad for.

16 Faces You Make While Watching March Madness With Someone Who Doesn't Know Sports

We all have that one friend we hope is busy for the entire month.

This Vine Is Exactly Why You Should Be Watching March Madness

So much is happening in this vine. So much.

Exclusive: Here Are Mo'ne Davis' First-Ever March Madness Brackets

The 13-year-old pitcher and basketball enthusiast thinks Kentucky and UConn are going to bring home the national championships.

Here's What Happens When You Try To Photobomb Your Coach On National TV

After Connecticut's 81-76 win over Iowa State, Huskies guard Terrence Samuel tried to photobomb his coach. Coach Kevin Ollie offered a quick rebuttal.

Just How Totally Busted Is Your March Madness Bracket?

Take the quiz before you start panicking.

Meet The Breakout Dance Star Of March Madness

Fred Hoiberg may not have much rhythm, but his Iowa State Cyclones are dancing their way to the Sweet 16.

21 Super Sad Duke Faces Guaranteed To Put You In A Better Mood

Sorry, Duke, but everyone loves when you lose.

Duke Loses To Mercer In Massive March Madness Upset

That giant ripping sound you hear? It's an entire nation tearing up their brackets at once. A 78–71 shocker.

64 Thoughts You Have While Filling Out Your March Madness Bracket

You'll be begging for a halftime that will never come.

Obama Unveils His March Madness Bracket

"It's been a while since I won my pool."

Can You Make The Game-Winning Shot?

Do you have what it takes to sink the last second buzzer beater and create MARCH MADNESS?

Meet The Cutest College Basketball Fan You'll See This March

The 4-year-old St. Joseph's super fan is a coach in the making.

23 Reasons March Madness Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Sports fans are about to embark on a long and glorious month.

35 Perfectly Good Reasons Why Wichita State Will Win The National Championship

Reminder: It is not wise to disrespect undefeated, Missouri Valley Conference champion, 1-seeded Wichita State. Those Shockers play angry.

27 Reasons The UConn Women Huskies Are An Unstoppable Force To Be Reckoned With

Eight national titles. 14 Final Four appearances. 37 Big East championships. Any questions?

17 Reasons You're About To Fall In Love With The Creighton Bluejays This March

FYI: In the time it took you to read this sentence, Creighton just hit another 3.

"One Shining Moment" Honors Louisville's Run To The Title

Words by David Barrett. Vocals by Luther Vandross. Victory by Louisville.

Louisville Wins National Title Behind Heroic Efforts Of Bench Player With Tremendous Beard

Luke Hancock, the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player, came up huge at the most important time.

This Could Be The Greatest Sports-Bar NCAA Finals Viewing Experience Of All Time

It's America's Sentimental Favorites vs. America's Alma Mater in March Madness's highly promising conclusion.

The Michigan Wolverines Hate Mascots And Want Them To Suffer

The university doesn't have a mascot of its own, and they don't care for anyone else's, either.

The Shining: The Inside Story Behind The National Anthem Of College Basketball

Twenty-seven years ago, a broke singer-songwriter from Michigan scrawled some lyrics on a bar napkin and created the enduring, iconic soundtrack to the NCAA basketball finale. Here's how "One Shining Moment" became the most reliable tearjerker in sports.

Mitch McGary, Man Of Many Talents, Muscles Michigan Into The National Championship Game

Syracuse never really had a chance against the son of a steelworker who can do it all.

Harry Potter Is At The Final Four, Dancing With A Trumpet

At least now we know where he went to college.

Louisville's Going To The National Championship After A Double-Digit Comeback And A Controversial Call

Louisville made a furious rally thanks to some hyperaggressive defense, a flurry of threes, and one very questionable tie-up.

NBA Legend Slash Zen Master Phil Jackson Is Perfect At Twitter

The 11-time NBA-champion coach is live-tweeting Wichita State vs. Louisville, and he's doing it like a master of the form.

24 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Shockers

You may not know anyone on the Wichita State roster, but you should start paying attention.

Boneheaded, Allegedly Corrupt College Ref Uses "I Was Joking" Defense

Hilarious gag may have cost Arizona a game.

Wichita State Underdogs Overcome Bonkings, Face-Elbowings, Ohio Comeback To Reach Final Four

The Buckeyes can't get it done, and the Big Ten is almost finished.

Marquette Guard Walks Away From Scary Spine-Squashing, But Syracuse Takes The Game As Obama Looks On

Not a great day for Junior Cadougan, but it could have been a lot worse.

How Michigan Stunned Kansas To Advance To The Elite Eight

Point guard Trey Burke nailed an unfathomably deep 3-pointer to help the Wolverines advance.

Tonight Is The Best Night Of The College Basketball Season

Perennial powers on the one hand, bloodthirsty underdogs on the other. Let's go.

14 Reasons People Should Give La Salle More Love

Florida Gulf Coast may be the Cinderella, but the Explorers actually have a chance.

Ranking The Sweet 16 By The Worst Team Tattoos Their Fans Have Gotten

These people take school spirit to new extremes.

High-Flying White Dunkers Terrorize March Madness

One surprise of this year's tournament has been a bunch of goofy white dudes who can get up and throw it down.

The Biggest Difference Between David And Goliath

How Duke and Florida Gulf Coast got their star players.

Obama Leads Rubio In March Madness Bracket Battle

The president jumps out in front against his Republican rival, but DC hoops bragging rights are still up for grabs.

Jeff Withey Is Your New Favorite Leaping Giant

Jeff Withey may be one of the biggest guys in the tournament, but he's not all height. Dude can ball.

The 27 Best Jokes About A Random School Called Florida Gulf Coast Rocking The Tournament

Florida Gulf Coast: accredited since 1997, Sweet 16-worthy since 2013!

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