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16 Faces You Make While Watching March Madness With Someone Who Doesn't Know Sports

We all have that one friend we hope is busy for the entire month.

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1. The "Did you just ask me to explain brackets right now?" face:

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2. The "This is the fifth time you've asked which team we're rooting for" face:


3. The "PLEASE stop trying to show me cat videos during timeouts" face:

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

4. The "I want you to understand what's going on, but I'm tired of explaining" face:


5. The "Did you really just order a cosmo at a sports bar?" face:

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6. The "Thank god you finally understand free throws" face:


7. The "So, now you're qualified to provide commentary?" face

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8. The "Please don't talk about your diet while I eat my nachos" face:


9. The "Did you just say 'touchdown'?" face:


10. The "Did you just ask the server to change one of the TVs?" face:

20th Century Fox

11. The "Oh, you hate bandwagoners, but there's still a tag on your team shirt?" face:

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12. The "Tell me more about how many basketball players you dated in college" face:

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13. The "Did you just say, 'Everyone's a winner to me'?" face:


14. The "You just said 'touchdown' again" face:


15. The "Ask me to leave early one more time" face:


16. The "'So, Where Are We Meeting For The Next Game?'" Face


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