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NBA Legend Slash Zen Master Phil Jackson Is Perfect At Twitter

The 11-time NBA-champion coach is live-tweeting Wichita State vs. Louisville, and he's doing it like a master of the form.

NBA coaching legend slash Zen Master Phil Jackson made a much ballyhooed entrance to Twitter recently, and he's putting it to great use during the Wichita State vs. Louisville Final Four game. First, Lakers exec Jeanie Buss, who is engaged to Jackson, tweeted out a picture to prove he's for real.

Then Phil kicked things off by tweeting about wheat in honor of Wichita State. Like, for real: the harvesting of wheat.

Cool story, Phil.

And he's bringing the sass, too. "Oops," indeed.

But nothing compares to this, which is basically the perfect tweet. The rest of us should all just stop tweeting. It's over.

Good start for the wheat guys, indeed.