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How To Blow A Huge Upset

14-seed Davidson led by four with 20 seconds to go against 3-seed Marquette. This is how it all fell apart.

With 20 seconds to go, Davidson, a 14-seed, led Marquette, a 3-seed, by four. Despite Marquette's late three-point flurry, an upset looked all but certain after Nik Cochran hit two free throws.

But Marquette made it interesting by going down the court and hitting a tough three. They cut the lead to one, but there were 11 seconds left, and Davidson had the ball.

Then the unthinkable happened. Instead of waiting to get fouled, Davidson's De'mon Brooks tried to throw the ball downcourt to a teammate and ended up turning it over. With 6.7 seconds left, Marquette had one final chance.

They took it. Vander Blue drove hard to the rim, hitting the layup and giving Marquette the lead with only a second to go. Davidson tried a long inbound pass, but it was intercepted. Marquette wins.

Down six with 1:10 to go, Marquette — 313th in the country in 3-point percentage — won with three huge threes and a key Davidson turnover. March Madness, indeed.