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"We're in desperate need of state and federal assistance," said a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Citrus.

A student driving through a storm-ravaged neighborhood in the US Virgin Islands captured a stranger playing his sax in the middle of the destruction, and what happened next will give you some feels.

"It’s always their mother’s number that they remember."

Immokalee, an agricultural hub in Southwest Florida, was devastated by the storm. Now residents wonder if anyone will help them rebuild.

A criminal investigation is underway, as nursing home administrators and state officials attempt to assign blame for what went wrong at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.

"Sister Margaret Ann is getting it done!"

Days after the hurricane hit south Florida, the hard-hit Keys are in a "humanitarian crisis," according to officials.

"The island is destroyed, 85% destroyed. I could cry,"

"You lose power in Florida, it takes forever to get it back.”

"We can confirm that Officer Rengering (far right with the amazing hair) IS SINGLE." This post has been updated.

Here are a few moments that show just how sweet people have been amid the destruction of the storm.

With nowhere to turn, these families evacuating Irma trusted in the kindness of strangers.

Through hurricanes Harvey and Irma, despite risks, workers prepared food, manned cash registers, and cleaned hotels for the country’s lowest legal pay.

After the storm finally clears, people returned home to inspect the wreckage.

“You can't just throw money at a problem.”

In Everglades City, one of the south Florida towns hit hardest by Hurricane Irma, residents still lack running water, electricity, and sewage services.

“I’ve been wanting to move that tree, but God moved it for me.”

On the islands of St. John and St. Thomas, residents say they are stranded with scarce food, fuel, and security and are in desperate need of help.

“A pain in the ass.”

The destruction from the hurricane was so widespread, it was visible from satellites orbiting hundreds of miles above the Earth.

The surge of high water from Hurricane Irma was surprisingly low in some places, like Tampa Bay, and surprisingly high in others, like Jacksonville. Predicting surge is a tricky new science.

The deadly storm left a trail of flooding and destruction from Cuba to the Carolinas.

“There are these areas of the tourist capital of the world that are blighted and we don’t even know it.”

It could be weeks before residents who abandoned their homes following the mandatory evacuation are allowed back.

Record flooding besieged the Florida city on Monday, forcing the closure of bridges as officials struggled to reach entire neighborhoods underwater.

The same photoshopped shark has been showing up during hurricanes for years.

Irma is no joke, but Floridians can always have a good time.

"This is John... he's my side piece in Orlando."

The specialized search and rescue team, consisting of New York City police officers and firefighters, are in Puerto Rico to help with rescue efforts after Hurricane Irma.

Two BuzzFeed News reporters hunked down for Hurricane Irma in a hotel near the Miami airport.

Emergency shelters in Naples, along Florida's West Coast, were set up so quickly some lacked beds or cots, and evacuees were expected to bring their own water.

Employees at the Florida Museum of Natural History caught butterflies in nets and rescued them before Hurricane Irma slammed into Gainesville.

Stranded travelers, emergency workers, and lots of waiting.

"I hope that helped."

Dan Scavino was absolutely roasted for his blunder on Twitter.

Hurricane Irma continues on its destructive path after making landfall twice in Florida on Sunday morning.


"Narrator: They all escaped."

Zello, used heavily for Harvey search and rescue, is now the top free app on the iOS App Store.

"Everyone was like, ‘Oh, thank god,' and now it’s like, 'Holy crap, this is going to hit right where we’re staying."

Experimental federal maps project where higher storm surge waters — as high as 15 feet in some places — are now predicted for Florida's coast.

Even SeaWorld is battening down for the onslaught of the ocean storm.

“If it comes this way it would be much more catastrophic."


"Evacuating is not as easy as it seems because of backed-up highways and sold out plane tickets," one student said.

There have been a lot of hoaxes out there.


"The most Florida thing ever."

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