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Kristen Bell Documented Her Hurricane Irma Experience And It Will Warm Your Heart

"This is John... he's my side piece in Orlando."

ICYMI, Kristen Bell has been in Orlando throughout Hurricane Irma and she's already done some pretty wonderful things, like helping Josh Gad's family and surprising people at a hurricane shelter.

She continued her awesome streak when thousands of senior residents were evacuated to her hotel and she decided to use the opportunity to make some friends. First, she fueled up to call some epic games of Bingo...

...and soon it was time for dinner with her new pals:

Everyone was in such good spirits, and some of the hotel staff even treated the new guests to free massages.

Late into the night, things got a little intense during some highly competitive wheelchair races:

But throughout it all, Kristen clearly made some real connections with people, like John, her new "side piece" in Orlando...

...and Corey, who got this massive hug:

Basically, she completely turned lemons into lemonade, proving that there really are good people in this world. 🙏

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