Jack’s Favorite Buzz Of 2012

These are some of my favorite things that happened on the Internet this year, on and off BuzzFeed.

1. This song that Hammersmith City Council made and which never fails to brighten my day.

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ID: 778484

2. The time we found a somewhat shrill comment by one Robert Mills on Red Lobster’s Facebook page and rallied the Internet to his cause.

ID: 777335

3. The Best Indie Rock Christmas Parody Ever

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/56108692.
ID: 777343

4. Cats Imitating Art

ID: 777448

5. The time I got to interview THE MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITY IN THE WORLD

ID: 778502

6. And also the time when we figured out SCIENTIFICALLY why cats are better than dogs.

ID: 779397

7. Yoga Positions Demonstrated By Animals

ID: 777460

8. Peggy’s Existentialist Animals

ID: 777469

9. A rare and poignant moment when we got to talk about 18th Century poetry on BuzzFeed.

ID: 777476

10. 18 Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend, including that your Netflix queue will go from this…

ID: 777489

…to this:

ID: 777492

11. The time we made catnip PSAs

ID: 777496

12. The fact that Ze Frank relaunched The Show (!!!)

ID: 777509

13. The time I got to write fan fiction about my favorite cat pictures.

Jenkins’ mother was an odd bird, and he had never paid much attention to her when she said (as, rather worryingly, she often did) that it was “better to be Admiral of a box than Captain of a basket.”

It was not without some bitter irony that he found himself in a position, later in life, to prove this frankly insane adage to be literally untrue.

ID: 777606

14. Kristen Bell having an epic and beautiful meltdown about meeting a sloth.

ID: 778558

15. And the time she was similarly besotted with a merengue dog

ID: 777613

16. This stupid Adele/311 post. We are not really quite such a trolly site as we used to be, but sometimes we are! The comment section to this post is a delightful mess.

ID: 779401

17. The Man Who Had A Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self

ID: 777623

18. That time when an SLU law professor did a line-by-line reading of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” to determine whether the legal arguments he makes in the song hold water.

ID: 777631

19. Suggested BuzzFeed Articles

As we grow bigger as a website, it has become inevitable (and often fair) that people take potshots at us. It is an understatement to say that not everyone has managed to do that with a sense of humor, proportion, and precision. But this piece did, and it made my fucking day.

ID: 777660

20. Ice Cube’s ‘It Was A Good Day’ Told By Cats

ID: 777670

21. And Ludacris Explained By Cats

ID: 778137

22. The cat singing Collective Soul

This cat didn’t make my 30 Most Important Cats Of 2012 list, but being important and being wonderful do not always amount to the same thing.

ID: 777674

23. Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Ze Frank and I collaborated on this video addressing, and providing the final word on, a pressing issue of our time.

ID: 777684

24. I got to write about The Babysitters Club

ID: 777687

25. And Sweet Valley High

ID: 777691

26. Grumpy Cat Visited BuzzFeed …

ID: 777695

27. And we threw her a party

ID: 777696

28. Hedgehogs Vs. Politicians

Another collaborative project with Ze that answered an age-old question.

ID: 777700

29. I liked this cat and his grandma friend A LOT.

ID: 778134

30. Lil Bub visited the office …

ID: 778150

… and saved BuzzFeed!

ID: 778152

I love that we had more stuff for vegans on BuzzFeed

For, like, four years, I have been the loneliest vegan at BuzzFeed, but that is not true anymore!

ID: 778159

31. I made a literal version of a Kesha song

ID: 778444

32. And then Noah Cooper took it to the next level

ID: 778452

33. I loved this Rick Santorum music video more than almost anything.

ID: 778393

34. Cats Vs. Dinosaurs

ID: 778402

35. 25 Animals Who Think They Are People

ID: 778414

And also now here are some links to more of my favorite buzz.

I just couldn’t figure out a way to make these work in list form. NOT EVERYTHING WORKS IN LIST FORM IT TURNS OUT. Who the hell knew?

ID: 779424

The end.

Thanks for BuzzFeeding this year, you guys. It’s been a crazy and unexpected and totally wonderful year of BuzzFeeding. Let’s do it again next year!

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