Alpacas Pack Your Bag For Vacation

Going on a trip? No one better to pack your bag for you then an alpaca.

Because I don’t need them

ID: 316231

So that you aren’t embarrassed like me.

ID: 315406

So that you’ll feel loved while you’re away.

ID: 315408

So that your teeth stay clean and fresh, like mine.

ID: 315410

So that you can take pictures in front of mountains, like me!

ID: 315419

So you’re feet don’t get cold on your hotel room floor.

ID: 315423

So you can hang ten with the rest of ‘em!

ID: 315427

So you don’t freeze, like me.

ID: 316564

So your bones stay strong while you’re away.

ID: 315430

So your hair stays voluminous, like mine.

ID: 315444

But please, don’t wear it on your face.

ID: 316553

Hopefully you’ll have better luck with it than I did

ID: 316560

But not this one, this one is mine.

ID: 316561

I own lots of crochet bags, you can have one.

ID: 317332

It’s just as pretty as mine.

ID: 317527

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