Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Monday Ever

BuzzFeed’s newest hotshot hire isn’t really working out.

1. *Grumpy’s day begins with a lukewarm cup of coffee*

2. “Oh, great. I have a job in an office.”

3. “Oh. Now I’m in the world’s worst meeting.”

5. “Oh my God. What is my life?”

6. *Grumpy goes back to work; fails to find inspiration*

7. “Surprise!!!”

8. “You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.”

9. *Grumpy’s been named Employee of the Month!*

10. “Look, Grumpy! We got you a cake!”

11. “We got the cake from Costco! Mmmmmmmm!”

12. “Thanks, guys. Also, I’m allergic to cake.”

13. “Doo-de-doo! We have a big announcement!”

14. “Your reward is one million cat dollars!!!”

15. *Everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS*

16. “You guys know cat dollars are made up, right?”

17. *A dance party breaks out*

18. *A man with a tiny hat dances for Grumpy*

19. “This is probably the worst day of my life.”


21. “No.”

22. *Grumpy’s coworkers realize that everything is inherently worthless, there is no purpose to life, and they are having a party for a cat.*

23. “My work here is done.”

All photos by Macey J. Foronda.

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