18 Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Before you go and make such a big decision, maybe you should think about the reality of what you’re about to get yourself into. This should help.

1. Your refrigerator will go from this…

ID: 270212

…to this:

ID: 270233

2. Your Netflix Instant queue will go from this…

ID: 270435

…to this:

ID: 270440

3. Your highly-organized bookshelf will go from this…

ID: 289493

4. To this:

Those action figures gotta end up somewhere!

ID: 269035

5. Enjoy hot, relaxing baths?

ID: 269453

Not when your tub looks like this:

ID: 289594

6. Cute shoe rack!

ID: 289538

He will never use it. Ever.

ID: 275643

7. Your dirty laundry basket will stop looking cute:

ID: 270123

AND you’ll be doing laundry twice as often.

ID: 270117

8. Your sock drawer will go from this…

ID: 269708

9. But mostly, you’ll see this:

And you’ll see it EVERYWHERE.

ID: 270165

10. Your matching set of pots and pans will go from this…

ID: 270256

11. Nice sink?

ID: 289573

Not anymore!

ID: 269457

12. That pretty toilet you’ve always wanted?

ID: 281998

Immediately desecrated.

Ladies, never — I repeat, NEVER — look at what’s under the toilet seat.

ID: 278188

13. Organized cereal?

ID: 270294

14. Toilet paper turned into a bow?

ID: 282020

Yeah, right.

ID: 282008

15. How adorable, you put your flip flops on hangers!

Via http://Immediately%20desecrated:%20
ID: 289707

Why would you ever do that.

ID: 289721

16. Lots and lots of pillows on your bed?

ID: 289838

Who needs ‘em?

ID: 289857

17. And what’s the point in a cute trash can…

ID: 289768

…if it’s always overflowing?

ID: 269534

18. Oh, and those ridiculously fancy soaps you buy?

ID: 289521

They won’t look so nice with pubes all over them.

ID: 269482

Then again, what’s the alternative?

ID: 280753

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