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Blade Runner Recreated As A Lego Set

Tyler, who goes byLegohaulic on flickr was commissioned to create the 1982 sci-fi film with legos. After talk about a possible new "Blade Runner" coming out, there's no better time to try to figure out who is the replicant in this dystopian lego world.

Ridley Scott To Direct New "Blade Runner" Movie

It's official. The L.A. Times reports that Ridley Scott - director of the original Blade Runner, Alien, Thelma & Louise, and Legend - will direct either a prequel of or sequel to the 1982 cult classic. While waiting for the new film, click here to see some inspired art based on the original.

"Blade Runner" Fan Art

Ridley Scott is on board to direct a prequel or sequel to his film inspired by Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Since its release in 1982, Blade Runner has titillated, captivated, and perplexed sci fi fans, anthropologists, and artists alike. Check out more at America's Best Blogger.

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