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28 Things The Harry Potter Movies Left Out

Squibs, Poltergeists, and House-elf rights didn't make the cut, even though a super out-of-canon (okay, and also super cute) Harry/Hermione dance sequence did.

Chelsey Pippin 5 years ago

10 Things We Already Know About Miley Cyrus's SNL Performance.

On October 5, Miley is making Saturday Night Live her party. Here's what we can all expect from the festivities.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

21 Signs You're Procrastinating

22, if you count reading this list.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

13 Beards That Go Beyond The Call Of Duty

A salute to the manliest accessory.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

24 Childrens' And YA Books Everyone Should Read Or Re-Read

No matter how old you are, these gems are wise beyond their targeted age group.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

Clash Of The Harrys

Which of these iconic Brits with the same first name would win in a fight? It's the show-down you never realized you needed to be prepared for. Alternatively, consider it the MFK to end all MFKs.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

14 American Foods You'd Kill To Find In The UK

Wine-Gums are an awesome and unexpected addition to your snacking regime, but sometimes you could just die for a fat-saturated, high-fructose, dangerously cheesy taste of home.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

32 Signs You're A Weasley

Turns out the Malfoys' identification process isn't quite accurate.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

Project Deadlines: Expectation Vs. Reality

Live long and procrastinate.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

How To Deal With Donald Glover Leaving "Community"

It's not going to be an smooth ride, Human Beings.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago

21 Things Sales Assistants Love.

Nothing. We. Love. Nothing. We're black holes with fake smiles.

Chelsey Pippin 6 years ago