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31 Reasons Jax Teller Is Your Perfect Man

Yes, being with Jax is complicated, but it is not without reward.

1. He's not afraid to be sassy because he knows, deep down, sassiness can be quite masculine.

2. He's not intimidated by the feelings required for a true bromance.

3. I mean, this is a man who knows how to get shit done! Also, note the rings. Man loves him some good jewelry.

4. You can't get anything past this smart cookie. This beautiful, blonde Adonis of a cookie.

5. He will make you feel like the only person in the room, never making you feel third after Tara and Opie.

6. Man is a realist (I mean you almost die that many times how could you not be?)

7. And just when you think he's TOO rough around the edges, man makes you feel like a goddamn Disney princess.

8. Stand back basics because he's ALWAYS "got this."

9. Because he reminded you why channels like FX are awesome: you can show a beautiful man's butt like god intended.

10. ETIQUETTE! What, you think because you've murdered more people than a corrupt South American politician that you can just do whatever the hell you please?

11. He's not going to hurt you. I mean literally 75+ people will try to hurt you simply because you know this man exists but sorry totally worth it.

12. The emotion. I feel like looking at this man makes me pregnant.

13. He knows how to properly touch your hair because he has so much experience touching the unicorn-esque magic on top of his head. You thought you weren't into blondes. You were wrong.

14. Jax Teller throws drag queen level shade.

15. He knows how to bounce back and diffuse an awkward situation. Man was UNPHASED when he almost screwed his own sister without knowing. COMEBACK KING.

16. Do I even have to explain this UGHHHHHHHHHHH

17. It's like he's the reason we have civil rights!

18. The dude's a freaking renaissance man: poet, philosopher, father, hair model, murderer...

19. Because that is what he looks like shirtless. Sorry if that just made you unable to breathe.

20. He has the fiercest old lady aka he can't be bothered with some biker groupie.

21. I repeat...

22. Seeing him around his kids will give you painful heart palpitations.

23. He refuses to be boxed in or stereotyped.

24. He has the best taste in friends. You know you want to friend marry Ope.

25. He is (alarmingly) in touch with his anger.

26. Stop it. You know you need that in your life. Other men are seeming more and more inferior.

27. Again, do I actually have to explain this?

28. Jax LOVES his mother. Like, it's profound.

29. Oh sorry everyone. That's just Jax holding an infant.

30. He's a rebel, Dottie.

31. And finally, because Jax Teller will not be ruined by 50 Shades of Grey.