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Clash Of The Harrys

Which of these iconic Brits with the same first name would win in a fight? It's the show-down you never realized you needed to be prepared for. Alternatively, consider it the MFK to end all MFKs.

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It's a name I usually associate with balding dads who are bankers. And yet, it's been bestowed upon three of the sexiest, most powerful men in pop-culture. IS THERE ROOM IN THE WORLD FOR THREE HARRYS? They'll have to battle it out here on Buzzfeed to determine who wins the coveted, first-name-only #Harry hashtag.


Here's the problem:

They're actually much more closely matched than you might initially think.

Below is an evaluation of each competitor's useful skills and resources. Choose sides wisely.

Prince Harry has some serious back-up under his command


Harry, already an officer in the British Army, qualified as an Apache aircraft commander last month.

Can't touch this, little boy Harrys.


But Dumbledore's Army is legit unstoppable.

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Harry was the leader of a rebel force when he was FIFTEEN. He grew up to be a badass wizard cop.

Besides, if you imposter Harrys even try to mess with him, Neville will EFF YOU UP.

And Styles's Army of Skanks rivals Regina George's.

NCP/Star Max / FilmMagic

Harry has a tight personal security detail consisting of crazed fans who would do anything for his sexual favors. That girl is actually paying HIM for the coveted position of Human Bullet-Proof Vest.

Can you part the rage red sea of 1D fans, Harrys, my boys?

But wait...

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool / Getty Images

is that the Elder Wand?

Look at Kate protecting her royal womb from her power hungry brother-in-law.



And Styles did reference the Wizarding World in a Vine where his bandmate disappeared into a wall...


Seriously so much good energy in their corners,

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Harry should be commended, not condemned for his awesome humanitarian efforts. And also his fearless moves (he deserves so much karma for those).

They've earned their Harryness with good behavior,

Harry also sacrificed his life to save all of humankind from Voldemort. But he used that karma up coming back from the dead, so, this is probably his most honorable move otherwise.


They all have animal agents,

© Warner Brothers/Courtesy Everett Collection

Hedwig will beak the other Harrys to death if they come at her bestie.

(She's still alive, OK? I firmly believe a good portion of Deathly Hallows never happened. RIP FRED, LUPIN, TONKS.... God, this list needs its own post.)

REX USA/Newspix/Nathan Richter / Rex

Don't let the furry adorableness fool you. A Koala can be a legit weapon... just listen to the noises the make here!

Also, I don't know about the other Harrys, but if Harry S. came running at me with a koala and that face, I'd GTFO.


All Super Harrys have a weakness. Once again, they make our deliberation difficult, because they're SO MUCH ALIKE!


I have no problems with that, personally. But it might make Harry vulnerable to his similarly-named assassins.


So as not to end on a negative note (not that I have any problems with the Harrys' shared nudity fetish), let's give the candidates a quick chance to tell us why they deserve to win our votes.


So there you have it. Harry v. Harry v. Harry. What's your verdict?

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