10 Things We Already Know About Miley Cyrus’s SNL Performance.

On October 5, Miley is making Saturday Night Live her party. Here’s what we can all expect from the festivities.

1. There will be tongue.

Her tongue even has its own website, you guys.

2. Yet another innocent toy will be stripped of its dignity.

3. She’s going to grab someone’s ass.

4. And show us hers at every angle.

5. We’ll get some new ideas for turning any everyday object into a phallus.

I actually really hope they have a sketch on this premise.

6. Exercise equipment will be used inappropriately.

7. The same goes for construction equipment, obviously.

8. If there’s a sketch where she has to cry, fake tears will have to be supplied.

9. This probably goes without saying, but…

10. Mileyisms aside, the other thing we can be absolutely sure of regarding her SNL twerkformance is that we will all be watching, and we will all be talking about it on the internet.

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