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How To Deal With Donald Glover Leaving "Community"

It's not going to be an smooth ride, Human Beings.

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We knew that our favorite writer/rapper/actor/comedian/model (is there anything he can't do?) was limiting his appearances on next season's Community, which kind of put a damper on show-runner Dan Harmon's return. But The AV Club revealed that Glover will exit the show permanently, making six season and a movie taste a little less sweet. Here's what to expect as you digest the news:

At first, you're going to be flat-out speechless.

How can you expect to survive without this:

Or This?

Is there even a reason to get out of bed without this:

You may start to get overwhelmed.

There will be a lot going on inside you.

Let it out.

You're understandably distressed. Losing Troy will be a huge blow to your education.

Who else is going to make sure we know all the important stuff, like:

He asks the important questions.

And he isn't afraid to challenge societal norms.

Troy Barnes is an inspiration.

So when you realize he's about to leave Greendale forever, you're going to need to find ways to handle your grief.

You might want to take it out on Donald.

How could you abandon us, Donald?

You could hit the liquor, but its not reccommended.

Maybe you can start fresh and get a new identity.

Or just pull a Lohan and take a "court-mandated vacation."

When all else fails, eat your feelings.

Eat aggressively and politically incorrectly. You deserve it right now.

Have faith in food.

Dessert should take your mind off things.

But there's a chance endless binge eating won't fill that T-Bone sized hole in your heart.

Maybe if you take matters into your own hands, you can change things.

But there's no need to go to extremes.

Finally you realize you're just going to have to surrender to the facts.

And be thankful you don't have to suffer through anymore of this:

Just remember all the good times:

And the weird...

Rest assured that these two WILL be friends forever...

Get the countdown started because you have TWO upcoming shows to be excited about now.

And try not to worry too much about how Abed is possibly going to survive this.


Maybe we'll get a My Little Pony style breakdown this time.

For real,


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