13 Beards That Go Beyond The Call Of Duty

A salute to the manliest accessory.

1. The Beer-d.

The most manly method of achieving voluminous curls.

2. The Beer-d 2.0: Hipster Edition.

A beard truly worthy of the blue ribbon.

3. Beard > Biceps

Try. Just TRY to be more epic than that.

4. You could definitely pick this beard out of a crowd:

Those 2,222 toothpicks won this beard a Guinness World Record.

5. But then that guy got out-picked by this bigger, badder, more spacious beard:

The one true Porcubeard.

6. Watch this beard do a seventh inning snap:

A truly perfect batting record.

Speaking of bats,

7. Nananananananana…


And for Marvel fans:

8. The Amazing Spiderbeard

Beats the mask.

9. The Beard Bouquet

So ro-MAN-tic!

10. We’ll just call this one The Overcompensater.

Beards and penises are manly, but penis beards are sad.

11. Do you know why the Cage Beard sings?

Because it’s f*#%ing awesome and it can do whatever the hell it wants, that’s why.

12. Now that’s what I call man-scaping:

Do you think that moose was constructed with mousse?

13. And the obvious winner for best beard goes to:




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