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16 Reasons Bill Hader Is The Coolest Celebrity Ever

He was on SNL, yeah, but there's so much more to love about the man.

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1. He's modest and self-depricating.

Courtesy of CBS

2. His smile is infectious.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Comedy Central

3. His hair is fabulous.

Courtesy of NBC

4. He has an official graphic tee.

5. And keychain.

6. He wears glasses because he needs them.

7. He can dress down...

8. ...but he can dress up.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

9. This.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Comedy Central / Via

10. He's a role model.

Courtesy of Miramax

11. He's a great dancer.

Courtesy of NBC

12. He's sensitive.

Courtesy of NBC

13. But doesn't take himself seriously.

Courtesy of NBC

14. He's approachable.


15. He's more like a regular guy than a celebrity.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

16. And he's cool with that.

Courtesy of NBC

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