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14 American Foods You'd Kill To Find In The UK

Wine-Gums are an awesome and unexpected addition to your snacking regime, but sometimes you could just die for a fat-saturated, high-fructose, dangerously cheesy taste of home.

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13. Triscuits.

The unproportionately large selection of Cheese & Onion crisps is basically making it impossible for other delicious savory snacks to hold their own on the market.

I didn't even know Brown Rice Triscuits were an actual thing until I googled my long-lost cracker obsession. Tragic.

3. Ranch dressing.

Okay, okay, Subway carries it, and yes, you can make your own, and the occasional bottle does turn up at Waitrose or a big Tesco. But the fact remains that you can't carry your homemade ranch around to restaurants so you can put it on your sandwich or dip your chips in it. Also when you ask for it just on the off chance it might be your lucky day, you ALWAYS get offered mayonnaise instead. NOT COOL.

Honorable mentions: Cheez-Its, Combos, Arizona Iced-Tea, Arnold Palmer, Snapple, Mashed potatoes instead of fries at KFC, Hershey Kisses, El Paso salsa, A1 sauce, crispy bacon, refrigerated eggs, Cheetos, Bugles, Hot Pockets, Golden Oreos, Ben & Jerrys Frozen Greek Yogurt, Turkey before Christmas...

What did I miss?

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