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    21 Signs You're Procrastinating

    22, if you count reading this list.

    21. You're probably supposed to be doing something like this:

    20. Except you just feel like this all the time:

    19. And there are SO many other things you'd rather be doing...

    18. So your attention span is pretty much zero.

    17. You keep yourself occupied by doing everything but the things that needs done.

    16. Like, that one thing is important and all, but before you can even think about it, everything has to be organized STAT.

    15. And you finally feel a strong moral obligation to get around to writing all those years' worth of thank-you notes right this minute.

    14. Working out suddenly becomes an easy priority,

    13. Which is good news, because this is what you say every time you sit down to get some work done:

    12. Seriously, you think eating will energize you to crack down, but really this is about all you can get accomplished:

    11. You come to the conclusion that getting to work could actually be a serious risk:

    10. You've probably started watching a show you never really thought you'd be into and realized its TOTALLY AWESOME.

    9. And even though you're normally like:

    Lately, you've been way more interested in anything that ever happened to anyone ever as long as it has nothing to do with you and what you're definitely not doing.

    8. Every attempt to work night-owl style goes like this:

    7. You obsess over annoying little things that don't normally bother you but are making it impossible to muster any focus.

    6. You rashly decide to pick up a new hobby,

    5. And there's always your fallback distraction:

    4. Out of desperation, you even agree to go out with that one friend you've been avoiding for months.

    3. You hit your low point when you realize that you're completely caught up on all the earth-shattering pop-culture news of the past 3 weeks.

    2. Enough is enough, you decide to get back to your roots on your work.

    1. But you're really thinking of the best excuse the get out of the whole thing. Consider the following:

    Happy avoiding-important-tasks, kids!

    Further suggestions/symptoms include: researching must-have apps, watching any lame sitcom start to finish, finishing all those books you started, actually doing your hair and make-up properly, baking, reading the instruction manuals for your various gadgets, getting NEW gadgets, updating your iTunes, and calling your parents!