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    28 Things The Harry Potter Movies Left Out

    Squibs, Poltergeists, and House-elf rights didn't make the cut, even though a super out-of-canon (okay, and also super cute) Harry/Hermione dance sequence did.

    1. Peeves

    2. The Midnight Duel

    3. Professor Binns

    4. The Deathday Party

    5. Squibs

    6. Gryffindor Wins the Quidditch Cup

    7. A Marauders History Lesson

    8. De-gnoming the Garden

    9. Charlie Weasley

    10. Ludo Bagman

    11. Veelas

    12. Winky

    13. S.P.E.W.

    14. The Sphinx

    15. "Remember my last"

    16. Ron and Hermione Named Prefects

    17. Weasley is Our King

    18. Firenze Teaches Divination

    19. St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies

    20. Percy acts like a little bitch

    21. Marietta Edgecombe

    22. Apparition Tests and Wandless Magic

    23. Merope Gaunt

    24. The Bat Bogey Hex

    25. The Search for the Half-blood Prince

    26. Teddy Lupin

    27. Support Messages at Godric's Hollow

    28. The Truth About the Dumbledores

    But after all this time (always),