Fans Are Pointing Out Which Celebs Face A Lot Of Unfair Criticism And Hate

    "The amount of hate and racist comments BTS receive on a daily basis is so toxic."

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    When you're a celebrity, criticism and negative headlines are often consequences of the job. While the critical attention celebs receive is sometimes earned, there are also plenty who are put through the metaphorical ringer for reasons that are totally uncalled for or unfair.

    Recently, I wrote about celebs who've received unfair criticism as well as ones who've been rejected by designers. In the comments, people pointed out a lot more celebrities who've been subjected to mistreatment at the hands of the media and their online critics.

    So, here are 16 celebs who fans pointed out were treated terribly by the media and their online critics:

    1. "Lil Nas X is a Black, gay rapper in a notoriously anti-gay industry, and on top of that, he gets constant criticism from right wing news and random people online."

    "Old Town Road" singer
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    2. "On Emma Watson's 18th birthday, paparazzi literally got on the ground to get up skirt photos!"

    actor who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise

    3. "This is going way back, but Soleil Moon Frye was hugely sexualized for having a big chest, and then people gave her shit for having a reduction."

    actor who played Punky Brewster

    4. "So I am a few years younger than the Olsen twins, and my local radio station would keep an update on their upcoming 18th birthday."

    Mary-Kate and Ashley

    5. "The amount of hate and racist comments BTS receive from not only the audience but also the media on a daily basis is so toxic. Recently a German radio host made racist remarks by comparing them to COVID-19."

    "Dynamite" singers

    6. "Piers Morgan criticized Ariana Grande for going home soon after the Manchester bombings."

    "Positions" singer

    7. "When she was 13, Millie Bobby Brown was put on a list of 'why TV is sexier than ever.'"

    actor who played Eleven on "Stranger Things"

    8. "Lady Gaga deserves a mention as well. For the better part of her career, people were going around calling her a freak just because they couldn’t handle her eccentricity and weirdness."

    "Rain On Me" singer

    9. "Of all the One Direction members, Zayn Malik faced the worst hate because he is Muslim. He once wore a T-shirt that said 'I'm not a terrorist' when he was barely an adult, and he's been stopped at various security checks simply because of his name."

    "Pillow Talk" singer

    10. "Everyone was so happy and celebrating when Taylor Swift got 'exposed' and 'canceled' over the phone call with Kanye West about name-dropping her in 'Famous.' Literally, a grown-ass woman and a man in his 40s with three children were bullying a 27-year-old."

    "Willow" singer

    11. "Billie Eilish covered her body up due to being insecure, but the second she wore a tight shirt that showed cleavage, she was called fat and sexualized despite being a minor."

    "Bad Guy" singer

    12. "Louis Tomlinson was called the 'weakest member of the band' and was told he had the 'weakest voice' in One Direction."

    "Walls" singer

    13. "Karl Lagerfeld publicly called Adele 'a little too fat' to fit into his designs."

    "Rolling in the Deep" singer

    14. "Piers Morgan had Hayley Hughes from Love Island on his show. He was asking her if she’d read about physics and trying to humiliate her for not knowing about it."

    15. "Raini Rodriguez was so fat-shamed and bullied, and she's one of the sweetest people ever."

    actor who played Trish on "Austin and Aly"

    16. And finally: "When Jennifer Lawrence's nudes were leaked, it was just gross how people acted toward her."

    actor who played Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games"

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.

    Did we miss any celebrities who you think have been treated unfairly in the media or by online critics? Let us know in the comments!

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