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Fans Are Pointing Out Which Celebrities Deserved Better From Critics And The Media

"Let’s not forget the full-page daily countdown leading up to Emma Watson’s 16th birthday."

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Being in the spotlight opens celebrities up to a lot of praise, as well as their fair share of criticism. While negative feedback and headlines are often well deserved, some celebs have faced harsh criticism or media attention that many people have pointed out was unfair.

Recently, I wrote about teenage celebrities who were failed by the media and other celebs who called out their unfair critics. In the comments, people brought up a lot more examples of celebrities who were treated unfairly by their critics and the media.

So, here are 14 celebs who fans pointed out were treated unfairly by critics and the media:

1. "Look at how much scrutiny and blame Beyoncé got when Destiny’s Child had their lineup changed. To this day, people believe she was some evil mastermind who wanted the spotlight and was jealous of the other members of the group, including Kelly Rowland."

"Lemonade" singer
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2. "Britney Spears just needs to be left alone and in control of her own life for once."

"Toxic" singer

3. "Ariel Winter was constantly sexualized and body-shamed, then criticized when she had a breast reduction."

actor who played Alex on "Modern Family"

4. "There was a countdown to the Olsen twins' 18th birthday."

child stars turned fashion designers

5. "This is one that’s surprisingly not talked about a lot, but when Rihanna was rumored to be a 'homewrecker' and 'cheating with Jay-Z' when she was about 17!"

"Umbrella" singer

6. "There were radio countdowns to Natalie Portman's 18th birthday."

actor who played Padmé in "Star Wars"

7. "Zayn Malik has had racist and Islamophobic comments thrown at him since the start of One Direction."

8. "Taylor Swift has been slut-shamed relentlessly just for dating like any other normal teenager/young adult."

"Cardigan" singer

9. "Anybody else remember how Jessica Simpson's virginity was basically the main character when she was about to marry Nick Lachey?"

"I Wanna Love You Forever" singer

10. "Let’s not forget when the Sun did a full-page daily countdown for a week leading up to Emma Watson’s 16th birthday, with the headline on the day being something like, ‘She’s Finally Legal!’ Disgusting."

actor who played Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter"

11. "The backlash Miley Cyrus faced for her backless photo shoot gets even worse when you consider that it had been arranged because some private photos of her had been leaked, and basically her whole team was trying to save her image by having her do a photo shoot to demonstrate that she was 'growing up.'"

"Wrecking Ball" singer

12. "Photographers stalked Blake Lively's children, then edited the photos with one of her smiling so it looked like she was OK with it."

actor who played Serena on "Gossip Girl"

13. "Christina Hendricks buys her own red carpet dresses because no sample sizes fit her and designers refuse to make her a dress!"

actor who played Joan Holloway on "Mad Men"

14. And finally: "Piers Morgan sexistly criticized Little Mix for posing nude to create their cover art for 'Strip,' a song about self-love and acceptance."

"Shoutout to My Ex" singers

Editor's note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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