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    37 Teen Drama Pairings Whose Chemistry Was So Off The Charts, They Should Have Won Awards

    We'd give these ships a five on the AP Chem exam.

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. Hanna and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars

    Caleb and Hanna about to kiss

    Was there ever any doubt we'd put them on this list? Out of all the show's core relationships, these two arguably had the strongest chemistry. The spark was there from the very beginning.

    2. Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars

    Emily and Maya kiss in photo booth

    Say it with us: EMAYA DESERVED BETTER! The photo booth scene still makes us cry to this day. Paige and Alison who?

    3. Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars

    Logan and Veronica making out in school bathroom

    Will we ever get over them?! The answer is no. They're truly just epic together and we're so glad they got married (in this house, we simply do not acknowledge the last few minutes of Season 4).

    4. Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    AKA, the slow-burn couple with the best payoff. From scene one, there was something there, and the sexual tension between them honestly carried the show, but I'm so glad they also built a really strong friendship.

    5. Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    It might partly be that we love a bad boy with a soft spot for a good girl, but we also love that Klaus saw so much more for Caroline's future than she could see herself. It felt like they truly saw things about each other that no one else did. And the physical chemistry?? Damn.

    6. Hope and Josie from Legacies

    Hope finds out Josie had a crush on her
    The CW

    Yeah, yeah, we know this isn't technically canon (yet), but you can't deny that there are some serious sparks between these two. They've shown time and time again how much chemistry they have, from their mutual crushes to flirting in alternate universes. We simply need Hosie to happen.

    7. Cheryl and Toni from Riverdale

    The CW

    These two really served us rivals-to-lovers, and we can't get enough. We mean that literally — please give us more Choni.

    8. Reggie and Veronica from Riverdale

    Reggie standing next to Veronica
    The CW /Courtesy Everett Collection

    We were ROBBED. They had more chemistry in half a season than Archie and Veronica have had throughout the whole show. Maybe it's just because the actors dated in real life, but we really bought the spark between these two. Give them back!

    9. Betty and Archie from Riverdale

    Betty and Archie kiss in Season 5
    The CW

    We've waited so long for this slow burn, and the chemistry just gets more and more sizzling. The shower scene in Season 5 had our jaws on the floor. Why can't they just officially date already?!

    10. Max and Sophie from Ginny & Georgia

    Max and Sophie cuddling

    Their story is very sweet, but what truly makes the relationship stand out is the chemistry between Sara Waisglass and Humberly González. Every scene between them feels very real. We hope they'll get a second chance next season!

    11. Ginny and Marcus from Ginny & Georgia

    Marcus and Ginny about to hook up

    We loved every second of these two together. The angst, the tension, the drama...SWOON. Marcus, please climb through our window.

    12. Paige and Alex from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Alex holding Paige's face

    God, the angst between these two was simply *chef's kiss.* Alex's "because I love you, you idiot" speech still lives rent-free in our minds. They deserved better!

    13. Drew and Bianca from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Drew and Bianca kiss and get back together

    Ahh, the classic jock and bad girl with a heart of gold pairing. These two started off as just a hookup, then went on to have one of the best romances on the show. Their chemistry was simply undeniable.

    14. Zig and Maya from Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class


    We went back and forth on shipping these two throughout the series, but there's no denying they have some serious chemistry. Honestly, we can't see either of them ending up with anybody else.

    15. Miles and Lola from Degrassi: Next Class

    Lola says she tried not to like Miles, he kisses her

    Not only was this Miles' healthiest relationship, it was definitely the pairing with the most chemistry for either character. If there's ever a reunion special, we fully expect these two to finally be together!

    16. Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    There are lots of reasons why we loved this pairing, but one of the biggest is the CHEMISTRY. Jess Mariano really had us swooning over the idea of someone stealing our books and writing in the margins.

    17. Samuel and Carla from Elite


    We'll take "ships we never knew we needed" for $500, Alex. The energy between them was simply electric. 10/10 chemistry.

    18. Nadia and Guzmán from Elite

    Nadia embracing Guzmán

    These two had us hooked from the very beginning. We 1,000% believe they're soulmates and will always find their way back to each other.

    19. Omar and Ander from Elite

    Omar and Ander grabbing each other, about to kiss

    This relationship definitely got messy at times, but lack of chemistry was not one of their issues. They just had that powerful ~spark.~

    20. Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill

    The WB

    No list would truly be complete without this iconic pair! Only these two could have us rooting for a couple who got married in high school. You just had to love them.

    21. Brooke and Lucas from One Tree Hill

    Brooke and Lucas make out in hot tub
    The WB

    We know this is a controversial ship for lots of reasons, but we just can't deny that they had amazing chemistry. Damn you, Lucas Scott!

    22. Clarke and Lexa from The 100

    Lexa and Clarke look at each other
    The CW / Everett Collection

    Clexa honestly invented enemies-to-lovers. Their time together was cut way too short, but the spark between them was just undeniable. Soulmates!

    23. Ryan and Marissa from The O.C.


    Ahh, another messy relationship we couldn't help but root for. Their chemistry and connection were obvious from their very first scene together. How could you not get sucked into their story?

    24. Seth and Summer from The O.C.

    Summer sitting in Seth's lap

    Did anyone ever doubt these two were meant to be? Their journey is beautiful and that Spider-Man rain kiss just might be the best TV kiss of all time.

    25. Rue and Jules from Euphoria

    Rue and Jules pressing foreheads together, about to kiss

    Both characters probably need some time alone before jumping into a relationship, but there's no denying they have incredible chemistry. We want Zendaya and Hunter Schaefer to play girlfriends in as many movies and shows as possible.

    26. Nate and Serena from Gossip Girl

    Serena wrapping arms around Nate
    The CW

    Uhh, why did these two break up again?! They had way more chemistry together than Dan and Serena, and their romance had been building up since the pilot. They deserved to be endgame.

    27. Carter and Serena from Gossip Girl

    Carter and Serena kissing
    The CW

    Sebastian Stan has chemistry with literally everyone, but it was especially palpable with Blake. This pairing should've lasted longer!

    28. Justin and Jessica from 13 Reasons Why

    Justin and Jessica dancing at prom

    We know these two weren't always the healthiest pairing, but we can't ignore the spark between them. The characters just have incredible chemistry in every scene together — plus, Brandon Flynn and Alisha Boe are best friends in real life!

    29. Annie and Liam from 90210

    The CW

    One word: SPARKS. They just fly between them. Honestly, this was the only 90210 ship we were truly invested in.

    30. Cook and Effy from Skins

    Cook standing behind Effy in the window

    Toxic? Yes. But the chemistry?? Palpable.

    31. Santana and Brittany from Glee

    Santana and Brittany making out

    We loved how natural and vulnerable their characters were with each other. They had physical chemistry for sure, but you also really felt that they had a genuine emotional connection too.

    32. Jessie St. James and Rachel from Glee

    Rachel looking up at Jessie

    This may just be Jonathan Groff's sex appeal (the man can SING!), but damn, did these two have it going on.

    33. Amy and Karma from Faking It


    We will forever be mad that they didn't end up together. You could literally feel the chemistry in every scene! Justice for #Karmy!!!

    34. Xander and Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Cordelia and Xander yell "I hate you!" at each other then kiss
    The WB

    Cordy definitely deserved better, but you can't deny the sparks between these two haters-to-lovers. Even way before they got together, it was obvious something was going to happen between them!

    35. Spike and Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Spike and Dru leaning their heads against each other looking forward
    The WB

    They were both terrible, unhinged people who somehow cared about each other more than anything. They were so much fun to watch!! Name a better villain couple. We'll wait.

    36. Isaac and Allison from Teen Wolf

    Issac about to kiss Allison

    Scott and Allison were so sweet, but Isaac and Allison felt more exciting and electric. The physical chemistry was there from the start — we'll forever be bummed that the show didn't have the time to grow the connection between these two.

    37. And finally, Jenna and Matty from Awkward


    Matty could kind of be the worst, but you can't deny these two had chemistry! Jake and Jenna were NOTHING compared to this couple.

    Got a teen drama couple that didn't make this list? Tell us in the comments!