18 Times Guzman And Nadia Stole Our Hearts On "Elite"

    "You open your heart, I open my shirt."

    Season 3 of Elite is now out on Netflix!

    There are lots of great couples on the show. One of my absolute favorite pairings is Guzman and Nadia. Here are some moments that prove they're meant to be:

    1. First, when they were partners for a class project and already looked adorable together:

    2. When they goofed off by Guzman's pool and neither could stop smiling:

    3. When Guzman apologized for being a jerk and sent her a hijab he knew she would like:

    4. When they listened to music together and Guzman looked at her with the biggest heart eyes:

    5. When their chemistry was simply undeniable:

    6. When Guzman wanted to make sure Nadia stayed at Las Encinas, so he made a deal with her father:

    7. When Guzman felt bad that he wasn't there for Nadia after her father's heart attack:

    8. When Guzman started doing drugs to cope with his sister's death, and Nadia was worried about him:

    9. When they finally kissed:

    10. When they snuck into Guzman's old infinity pool in the middle of the night...

    11. ...and woke up cuddled together like this the next morning:

    12. When Guzman finally broke up with Lu so he and Nadia could be together:

    13. When Nadia told Guzman she was done running:

    14. When Guzman told Nadia she's the reason he gets out of bed in the morning:

    15. When Guzman worked for Nadia's family's store to help her out:

    16. When they both admitted they loved each other, even if they weren't together:

    17. When Nadia won the scholarship, and Guzman was her biggest cheerleader:

    18. And finally, when Nadia left for school in New York but promised Guzman she would come back for him someday: