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    Literally All I Want To Talk About Is Max And Sophie From "Ginny & Georgia"

    Sophie Sanchez, you have permission to break my heart.


    So, one of my favorite shows to binge lately has been Ginny & Georgia. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for a classic teen drama — and ~drama~ it has!!!

    Max: "What the ever-loving frick-fest?"

    My favorite part of the show, though, is the relationship between Maxine Baker and Sophie Sanchez, aka Sophine.

    To say I'm a little obsessed with this ship would be an understatement. Allow me to explain why I'm so invested:

    meme of Kirby pointing to picture of Sophie and Max

    AHEM. Alright, our story begins with Max, a wee baby gay sophomore, eloquently describing the ~hottest~ senior in school, Sophie freakin' Sanchez:

    Max about Sophie: "she's done cocaine and she's got the best ass in school"

    Now, before Sophie came along, Max was actually super bummed because she'd just been rejected by her crush. Poor Max!

    But then Sophie changed everything with these words:

    *Cue internal gay screaming*

    Max captioned: "Sophie Sanchez thinks I'm hot, ahhhh!"

    Obviously, Max is instantly smitten!

    Max kinda screws things up when she makes a drunken mess out of herself at the Halloween party (we've all been there, Max) and accidentally scares Sophie off.

    Max drunk in bed: "she didn't like me"

    Luckily, things quickly get back on track and Sophine becomes official. YAY!

    Sophie says they can try again, kisses Max

    What comes next is SO many moments of cuteness. Look at them being adorable in the hallway:

    Being adorable at a party:

    Just. Simply. ADORABLE.

    Sophie holding Max's chin while lying on her bed

    I think my favorite moment between them is in Episode 7. Max plans on losing her virginity to Sophie (even making a sex playlist of 86 songs, because she's Max), but when the moment comes, she's just not ready. Sophie is super understanding and it's just a really sweet scene.

    Max apologizes for freaking out and not being ready, Sophie says it's okay, she's not going anywhere

    Now, because of course we can't have nice things, Max and Sophie unfortunately do not get their happy ending this season.

    After Max tells Sophie she loves her, Sophie gets kinda distant and it's clear they're just not really in the same place. There's also the matter of Sophie being a senior and going away to NYU next year. Ughhhhh.

    Max jokingly asks Sophie if she's breaking up with her, Sophie says she actually is

    But you know what? As much as I'm bummed that Sophine didn't end up together, I'm actually not mad about their breakup.

    Sophie and Max cuddling

    A lot of the time with LGBTQ ships on TV, I feel like they're only written one of two ways: The relationship either ends super tragically (often with one of the characters dying) OR the character has this super-epic romance with the first person they date and ends up with them regardless of whether they're actually well-suited for each other.

    Kurt and Blaine on "Glee"

    Real-life relationships aren't usually that black and white. People have all kinds of relationships — some are wonderful but not meant to last, some make perfect sense for a certain time in your life but not in the long run, and some just end plain badly. Such is life!

    Rarely, though, is this reality portrayed with LGBTQ ships on TV. And that's what makes Max and Sophie stand out to me — they're not unbelievably perfect, they're not dramatically tragic, they're not outrageously epic. They just truly FEEL like a high school romance: cute, a little bit awkward, painful in the end.

    Max and Sophie's relationship is great because they're treated exactly the same as all of the other ships on the show — I never felt like they were being sidelined. It was also refreshing that neither character had a big coming out arc or had to fear not being accepted by their friends or family. It's even mentioned that Sophie has also had boyfriends, and nobody makes a big deal about that either. Literally nobody cares, and it's such a nice change from what we normally see on TV.

    Max and Sophie walk the school halls arm in arm, Ginny smiles

    TL;DR, Sophine owns my heart forever, even if they're not perfect, even if they're not endgame. However, Netflix — if you don't give them back to me in Season 2, you WILL be hearing from my (non-existent) lawyers!!!