17 Clarke And Lexa Moments For Anyone Who Knows They Had The Best Love Story On "The 100"

    "Life should be about more than just surviving."

    🚨 Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. When their first scene together set the stage for the perfect enemies-to-lovers story:

    Lexa: "You're the one who burnt 300 of my villagers alive," Clarke: "You're the one who sent them there to kill us"

    2. When Lexa swooped in and saved Clarke:

    3. And when Clarke saved Lexa right back:

    Lexa says to leave her to die, Clarke says no way

    4. When they were angsty as hell:

    5. When they basically invented sexual tension:

    Clarke calls Lexa a liar for saying that feelings make you weak and says she sees right through her

    6. When Lexa finally showed that she cared about Clarke:

    Clarke says she knows Lexa felt for the people she let burn in the village, Lexa says she didn't let everyone burn, "Not everyone, not you"

    7. When they had a heavy heart-to-heart:

    Lexa says she does trust Clarke and that she knows Clarke thinks their ways are harsh but it's just how they survive, Clarke replies, "Maybe life should be about more than just surviving"

    8. When they had their first kiss and you could just feel the chemistry sizzling:

    9. When Lexa asked Clarke to go to the capitol with her:

    10. When Lexa vowed to never betray Clarke or her people again:

    11. When they finally gave into their feelings:

    Clarke and Lexa kiss

    12. When they had the perfect "morning after" moment:

    Clarke and Lexa lying in bed together, "Can we talk about something else?" "We don't have to talk at all"

    13. When Clarke stood by Lexa's side until the very end:

    Lexa dies in Clarke's arms, "You were right, life is about more than just surviving," Clarke: "May we meet again"

    14. When Lexa's spirit unexpectedly saved Clarke:

    Clarke says she never thought she'd see Lexa again, Lexa responds, "I told you my spirit would choose wisely"

    15. When Lexa told Clarke she'd always be there:

    Lexa to Clarke: "I'll always be with you"

    16. When Clarke faced the transcendence test and the judge took the form of Lexa, confirming she was Clarke's greatest love:

    Clarke hugs the manifestation of Lexa, who reminds her that she's not really Lexa

    17. And finally, when they had one last moment together:

    manifestation of Lexa by Clarke's side