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    15 Veronica And Logan Scenes From "Veronica Mars" That Still Make Me Melt In 2020

    "I thought our story was epic."

    Veronica Mars is an iconic show for lots of reasons. It introduced us to Kristen Bell, it brought us a badass female detective, and it gave us the pleasure of seeing Amanda Seyfried outside of Mean Girls. It also gifted us with one of the best couples on TV: Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls.


    Their romance wasn't perfect, but man, did these two have us hooked. Here are 15 of the best Logan and Veronica moments that no true Marshmallow could ever forget:

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when they gifted us with this A+ banter, planting the seeds for the perfect rivals-to-lovers romance.

    Logan and Veronica tease each other in early Season 1

    Phil from Modern Family voice: "YOU LOVE EACH OTHER!!!"

    2. When Veronica comforted Logan after he realized his mother was really gone.

    Logan breaks down and sobs in Veronica's arms

    Logan is a jackass for most of early Season 1, but this is the first time we get to see him just break down and be vulnerable. It's obvious his character has been dealing with a lot of grief, and the way he and Veronica slowly go from rivals to close friends again here is beautiful.

    3. When they had their first kiss outside the motel room and it was everything.


    Veronica turns to walk away because she thinks she's just made a mistake, but then you can just see the lightbulb flickering on in Logan's head. This was the moment everything changed for him.

    4. When they made out in the school bathroom, because of course they did.

    Logan says he's beyond tardy for class

    And Logan never let Veronica forget about this!

    5. When Dick made a rude comment about Veronica at Logan's birthday party, so Logan promptly told anyone who didn't like his girlfriend to take a hike.

    Logan says if anyone has a problem with Veronica, they're pretty much dead to him

    Duncan Kane could NEVER.

    6. When Logan apologized for being indirectly responsible for Veronica getting drugged at Shelly's party.

    Logan says he can't take that he hurt Veronica and that all he wants to do is protect her

    Logan didn't try to hurt Veronica, but his careless actions still did play a role in that horrific night. However, he never made excuses for it and he did everything he could to help Veronica get justice. It was a big contrast to Duncan, who just immediately got all defensive and offended when Veronica accused him.

    7. When Logan told Veronica he was falling in love with her.


    8. When they danced together at Sadie Hawkins, and you could tell they still cared about each other even though they were broken up.


    9. When we got to see flashbacks from the previous summer of them making out in the car.


    We were robbed for most of Season 2, but at least we got this.

    10. When Logan gave his famous "epic love" speech, probably THE most quoted part of the whole show.

    Logan tells Veronica he thought their story was "epic, spanning years and continents, live ruined, blood shed"

    Was it ridiculously cheesy? Yes. Did it sound totally unnatural coming out of a high school boy's mouth? Yes. Was it absolutely perfect? ALSO YES.

    11. When Logan saved Veronica from Beaver on the roof and then comforted her in the traumatic aftermath of it all.

    Logan holds Veronica as she cries into his arms

    "You are not a killer, Veronica."

    12. When Logan gave Veronica his room key and it made us all swoon (and gave us very unrealistic expectations about college boys).

    Logan says there's no one else, he only wants Veronica, she takes the key and smiles

    13. When Veronica still came back to help Logan clear his name when he was falsely accused of murder, despite the fact that they hadn't seen each other for nine years.

    Logan says he always knew he could count on Veronica even if they hadn't spoken in years
    Warner Bros.

    14. When Logan left for the Navy, but promised to come back to Veronica...always.

    Warner Bros.

    15. And finally, in the Season 4 revival when they got married!!!


    And that's it — they lived happily ever after! Because in this house, we do not accept anything else that happened afterward as canon. Let me have this, okay?!

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