16 Times Omar And Ander From "Elite" Owned My Whole Heart

    "I love you, dickhead."

    So, one of my absolute favorite teen dramas on Netflix is Elite.

    "Elite" Season 1 characters in classroom

    There are tons of great couples on the show, and I honestly can't pick a favorite.

    There's one ship that has 100% had my heart from their very first scene, though: Omar and Ander.

    They aren't perfect (we don't talk about that Season 3 mess, okay?), but I'm so invested in their story. I just want them to be happy together!

    Here are some of my favorite Omar and Ander moments that prove they're meant to be:

    🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Their chemistry was off the charts from the very beginning:

    2. They couldn't tell anyone about their relationship at first, but they still managed to be super adorable about it:

    Omar and Ander pretend not to know each other at a party and purposefully call each other the wrong names

    3. Ander was smitten with Omar right away, and he wasn't afraid to show it:

    Ander says he wants to be with Omar and finish what they started

    4. Even when they fought, it was hard not to love them:

    5. Their first "I love you" was honestly iconic:

    Omar says he loves Ander after Ander gets beat up in a fight, Ander calls him an asshole and says he almost had to die for him to say it

    6. They were willing to do anything to make their relationship work, even if it meant only getting to see each other for a few minutes a day:

    Omar's dad says he's going to the bank and will be back in 10 minutes, Ander appears and says "10 minutes right?"

    7. They just wanted each other to be happy:

    8. Their kiss in the club is one of the best TV kisses ever, and you can quote me on that:

    9. They were also the cutest roommates:

    10. When they were going through a rough patch in their relationship, Omar still had Ander's back:

    Omar tells Ander's father that he'll lose his son if he doesn't learn to love him the way he is

    11. They didn't even need to use words to make up; they just understood exactly what the other was thinking:

    12. Even when Ander pushed him away, Omar made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere:

    Omar: "You were put in an impossible situation, if you think you'll get rid of me just because of this you're very wrong"

    13. They went through some really hard times together, like when Ander had cancer:

    14. But they somehow managed to be adorable in any situation:

    15. In the end, they always found their way back to each other...

    16. ...because despite all the ups and downs, Omar and Ander were always meant to be!