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    23 Reasons Miles And Lola Deserved Better On "Degrassi"

    I will go down with this ship even if I go alone.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a good teen drama! The cheesier and angstier, the better. One of my guilty-pleasure shows is Degrassi: Next Class.

    I think it's time we talked about a Degrassi relationship that should have been endgame: Miles and Lola. Here's some proof that they were meant to be!

    1. Let's start from the very beginning, back when Lola was just a baby grade nine with an obvious crush on her best friend's brother.

    Lola says Miles is too cute to be a villain

    2. Now let's get to the good stuff! The two of them didn't really hit it off until Season 3, when Lola was dealing with her breakup with Tiny, and Miles' boyfriend Tristan (more on Tris later, because I have some OPINIONS) was in a coma after the bus crash.

    Miles and Lola talk and vent

    3. Right away, it's clear that Lola just gets Miles. Even if she can't directly relate to what he's going through, she understands what it's like to just need to vent and be sad.

    Lola says they're always expected to put everyone's feelings above their own, Miles agrees

    4. They get stuck in detention together, and of course Lola takes the opportunity to shoot her shot. Just as a friend at this point, but still! You can see the seeds being planted.

    Lola friends Miles on social media

    5. Let's talk about the Snapchats (known as "Oomfchats" in the Degrassi universe) they send each other. Because they're fucking adorable.

    Lola and Miles send each other funny pictures with cute filters

    6. Lola sees when Miles is struggling and just needs a break. So she gets him to help out as a waiter at her family's restaurant, and they have a lot of fun together!

    7. Obviously, sparks are starting to fly. Miles even tries to learn Spanish just to impress Lola, and it's adorable.

    8. And then Miles literally sits down and writes a whole play about Lola. If the Degrassi writers are trying to kill me, it's working.

    Miles tells everyone about his idea for the play and how Lola inspired him

    9. "But wait a minute," you say. "Doesn't Miles still have a boyfriend?" Look, I don't condone cheating. But let's be honest: Tristan also wasn't a very good boyfriend. Prior to the whole coma thing, he constantly invalidated Miles' bisexuality and made him feel bad about himself.

    Miles' boyfriend Tristan calls him a "manwhore" and "someone who humps anything that moves"

    10. Observe the differences here between Tristan and Lola!!

    Tristan says Miles "can't decide between boys and girls" while Lola says she's "cool with the bisexual thing"

    11. Anyways, back to Miles and Lola! They're so comfortable and at ease with each other. Also, the domesticity of this scene is *chef's kiss*.

    Miles and Lola talk in the kitchen and he says it's always nice to talk to her

    12. When Tiny tells Lola there has to be at least one guy out there who recognizes how awesome she is, Lola immediately thinks of Miles.

    13. So Lola ditches the party and sneaks off to Miles' room to go "help" him with the play. And of course Miles asks her to play the lead. Because, duh, it's about HER.

    14. Lola, being the good person she is, doesn't immediately take the chance to hop into Miles' lap. But the chemistry is just undeniable, and Miles decides to finally make a move.

    Lola says it's not a good idea for her to be in the play, Miles kisses her

    15. After they hook up, they talk and have the cutest morning cuddles. They look so peaceful and happy — Lola's even wearing his T-shirt!

    Lola says they should just enjoy whatever this relationship is, they cuddle in Miles' bed

    16. The cuteness continues that Monday at school during play rehearsals. Look how proud Miles is of his girl!

    Miles says Lola is amazing and reassures her that she'll be great in the play

    17. But then Tristan wakes up from his coma just a few days after Miles and Lola hook up. So Miles makes a tough decision and breaks it off with Lola so he can be there for Tristan. Miles and Lola are both really mature and understanding, though, and it's clear they just want what's best for each other.

    Miles breaks it off with Lola, but they both decide to both stay in the play because Miles "doesn't trust anyone else to play Hope"

    18. Miles also owns up to his mistakes and apologizes to Lola for not being there for her abortion (yes, she got pregnant — this is Degrassi, after all).

    Miles says he should have been there for Lola

    19. And then...Miles spoke the words that made Mola fans everywhere scream!!!

    Lola asks Miles if she meant anything to him and he replies, "Yeah, you were my Hope"

    20. "But Miles said he wanted to be with Tristan!" you protest. Okay, sure. But can we talk about the full-on bedroom eyes he gave Lola here? And the way he hugs her and rubs her back?! Doesn't seem all that platonic to me...

    21. Also, the characters in the play are based on Miles, Lola, and Tristan. And the play still ends with Miles' character begging Lola's character to stay, and her telling him she can't because he needs to be there for Tristan's character. Hmm.

    22. And let's not forget that Miles literally admitted to his own boyfriend's face that he loved Lola!!

    Miles tells Tristan he couldn't have made it through everything without Lola

    23. Although Miles and Lola's relationship wasn't perfect, they had a really genuine connection, and I think it was the best of Miles' relationships. I'd like to think they found their way back to each other someday.

    Lola says she likes talking to Miles, Miles says he likes talking to her too

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk! #MolaForever.