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Betty And Archie From "Riverdale" Are Endgame And I Have Proof

"A little part of me always thought..."

You may have heard that a little CW show called Riverdale is returning for its fourth season soon. Betty and Archie have yet to date in the show, but I'm that convinced they're destined to be that couple. Here's some evidence!

The CW

1. First of all, the writers literally told us in the pilot that Barchie is endgame.

The CW

2. When Archie and Betty were little, he kissed her and he asked her to marry him.

The CW

3. Archie straight-up looks at Betty like THIS.

No one: Nobody at all: Archie Andrews looking at Betty Cooper:

4. And Betty is Archie's ride-or-die for life, no matter what anyone else thinks.

5. When Betty and Jughead started dating, Archie couldn't stop thinking about her.

6. Archie literally said this to his girlfriend's face...

The CW / Via

7. ... because a little part of him always thought he and Betty would end up together.

The CW

8. Barchie is literally the perfect example of childhood best friends to lovers.

The CW

9. Archie is super protective of Betty and always puts her safety before his.

The CW

10. When Archie was framed for murder, Betty spent her whole summer fighting for his case and didn't rest until he was free.

The CW / Via

11. When they finally kissed in season two, the world was left shook.

The one moment. The one kiss. That changed everything. #Barchie

The CW

12. Betty still looks at Archie with heart eyes.

full offense but betty still has feelings for archie

13. Betty and Archie were a power couple in the original comics.

Archie Comics

14. KJ Apa (who plays Archie) appreciates Betty and Archie's relationship.

We put in little subtle moments with Archie and Betty like that U pick up every and where U can fully see whats going and U can see that they have very special relationship they spent whole lives together which kind of beats all the other relationships around us-@kj_apa #Barchie

15. Even when they're dating other people, Barchie's history still comes up.

The CW

16. They want each other to be matter what.

the fact that after betty and archie kissed she was ready to be with him but she looked so sad when she saw that veronica and archie decided to get back together... i’m breaking down please be quiet

17. They played boyfriend and girlfriend VERY convincingly in the Carrie musical.

18. And finally, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said Riverdale "would be a failure" if they didn't explore Barchie.

The CW
  1. In conclusion, I want canon Barchie! What about you?

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In conclusion, I want canon Barchie! What about you?
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    Yes! Let Barchie rise!
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    No! Bughead and Varchie are better!

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