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    75 Gifts That Might Actually Impress The Teenage Girl In Your Life

    David Dobrik has a perfume — any teen will be impressed that you even knew that let alone gifted it to them.

    1. A Harry Styles tarot card poster that'll inspire them to *treat people with kindness* and make them ~adore you~ even more (puns unapologetically intended).

    Three Harry Styles tarot card posters in "the sun," "the star," and "the moon" themes

    2. A set of resistance bands and a marbled yoga mat to add a pop of color to one of their go-to workouts.

    3. Ouai wave spray from Jen Atkin they can quickly spritz all over their hair post-shower for an easy-to-achieve, frizz-free beachy look.

    4. A set of LED light saber chopsticks for your younger sibling who is the Chewbacca to your Han Solo (and also happens to be who you get sushi with every Friday night).

    5. A face wash foamer they can use to make the cleanser they're already accustomed to feel extra fancy.

    The pink container with a pump top to fluff the cleanser and foamed up cleanser all around it

    6. A gift certificate to the Bronx Zoo for a virtual hangout with one of their favorite animals — they'll get up close and personal (from a distance) with a warthog, porcupine, cheetah, penguin, or sloth!

    a close up of a cheetah during a virtual encounter

    7. A Smashbox X Becca under-eye brightening corrector that might seem like a strange gift at face value, but is actually what any makeup-obsessed teen has likely been trying to track down since seeing it blow up on TikTok.

    8. A four-pack of pizza socks they won't find ~cheesy~ at all when their toes are as toasty as a pie fresh out of the oven.

    9. A cat coloring book that focuses on the cutest and arguably most important cat qualities: "Butts, Bleps, and Beans." Nothing like a cuteness overload to pass the time.

    10. Mascara with a plethora of rave reviews, guaranteed to impress any teen who spends most of their weekends watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

    a reviewer with mascara on one eye showing how dark and long they are compared to the natural eye

    11. A dip powder kit so they can perfect their at-home manicure (and hopefully learn to give you one, too!).

    12. A Taylor Swift "All Too Well" scarf that they can bury their face into as they walk around listening (and crying) to the 10-minute version. It's the perfect accessory for them to wear during the first fall of snow, while they watch it glisten as it falls, and remember it all too well, of course.

    13. Or a deconstructed tee they'll either giggle about or stop talking to you over — this is a risk vs. reward situation.

    a model in a grey t-shirt with the words "apparently I'm dramatic" on it

    14. A personalized reusable Starbucks cup any caffeinated queen will adore.

    a stack of personalized starbucks hot cups

    15. A book about legendary ladies and their iconic fashion statements to empower the impressionable teen in your life and teach them a thing or two about awesome females.

    the cover of the book with famous women in black dresses

    16. A beauty blender that any makeup-obsessed teen would love to have in their cosmetics bag. Though teenagers nowadays get to relish in streak-free foundation application, it's important to remember those of us that weren't as lucky. Sigh.

    17. A Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera for the teen who's always taking selfies.

    18. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook so the fan in your life can be a ~wizard~ in the kitchen, not just at Hogwarts.

    19. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make them feel like they've headed for the second star on the right and landed in Neverland.

    a reviewer's photo of the twinkle lights hanging behind their bed

    20. A classic plaid blanket scarf to keep any beloved teen from whining about how freakin' cold they are.

    21. A Dead Sea mud mask they can use to host a makeshift spa night with their friends. Fresh skin and an opportunity to post silly selfies? What more could a teen want?

    22. An over-sized blanket sweatshirt to keep them company while they hibernate/watch endless television.

    23. A coffee table book about the history of Hyrule, they'd probably consider spending all of their rupees to get your hands on.

    a dark green cover of the book with a symbols from the zelda game in the middle in gold

    24. Ugg's classic ultra mini bootie to keep their toes nice 'n' warm and *hopefully* prevent them from trying out that TikTok trend where everyone has been cutting their regular-sized Uggs in half.

    25. A birthstone soap that truly looks like something you'd find in a treasure chest. The only problem they'll run into is when they have to decide whether to use the soap, or leave it as decor.

    Birthstone soaps for every month

    26. Olive and June's Mani System they'll absolutely adore because they can experiment with a variety of colors without wasting any of the money they earned at their part-time gig.

    a model painting their nails with an array of nail polishes and polishing tools in the background

    27. A super strong USB charging cable for the teen who is forever losing or tearing theirs — because you can't put a price on an always-juiced phone.

    28. Socks with their pet's face ALL over them so they can secretly keep their paw-fect smile with them under their knee-high boots.

    29. A set of vintage headbands to make sure your fave teen's hair is always ~on fleek~ (teens say that, right?).

    30. A Kindle Paperwhite for the bookworm teen who prefers to kill time by reading rather than scrolling through nonsense on Instagram.

    31. Spanx faux leather leggings they can wear on days they want to appear more ~edgy~ but still feel like they're lounging in comfy clothes.

    a model in the faux leather leggings

    32. A dazzling set of unicorn-inspired makeup brushes that'll have any YouTube tutorial fan squealing.

    a set of makeup brushes with purple handles that look like unicorn horns