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    18 Faux-Leather Leggings You'll Actually Want To Wear All The Time

    Consider your Sandy Olsson costume complete.

    1. A pair of high-waisted faux-leather leggings with over 6K+ 5-star reviews from people who look forward to incorporating these bad boys/girls into their outfit rotation each week.

    2. A high-waisted faux-leather legging designed to give your tush a boost (in 29 different colors!) *and* keep your legs warm. Bonus points for it having belt loops!

    3. A pair of Commando faux-leather leggings that's also available in petite and plus sizes so they'll feel *perfectly* tailored to your bod.

    4. A Spanx faux-leather moto legging to wear while playing "Bad to the Bone" on repeat in your headphones all day.

    5. A pair of Carbon38 7/8 high-rise leggings that gives off so much shine you might need a pair of sunglasses when wearing them.

    6. A faux-leather legging designed with a thin fleece lining, that way you'll always be ~colorfully cozy~.

    7. A super-shiny black Commando flare legging so stylish you might get tired of all the compliments.

    Model wearing black faux leather flare leggings

    8. A pair of high-waisted pleather leggings complete with a tummy-control waistband and four-way stretch material for ultimate comfort.

    9. A pair of plus-size high-waisted faux-leather leggings from Torrid so you can easily channel your inner rock star whenever you feel like it.

    10. A faux-leather "megging" available in bold colors like gold and silver that's pretty much guaranteed to be your first of many pairs.

    11. A stylish Spanx camo legging you'll never have to worry about being see-through.

    12. A comfy pair of Lysse high-waisted faux-leather leggings in two gorgeous foliage-like colors that make me wish it was autumn year-round.

    13. A pair of faux-leather Halogen leggings to instantly add some edginess to your wardrobe.

    14. A top-rated Spanx faux-leather legging with rave reviews that'll ~faux sure~ be your new fave pair.

    15. A black faux-leather Commando legging with — wait for it — two deep pockets! Leggings with deep pockets?! Truly revolutionary.

    Model wearing black faux leather pocket legging

    16. A cropped version of Commando's flare leggings so you can show off those new booties you bought with unobstructed views.

    17. A pair of 7/8 Nike mid-rise leggings designed with moisture-wicking technology and a back-waist phone pocket, because it's the little things in life, am I right?

    18. A "Keep It Sleek" vegan-leather legging from Lulus you won't ever have to worry about not being able to get back off (looking at you, Ross).

    An actual GIF of me looking at *all* these faux-leather leggings:

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