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    25 Pairs Of Leggings That Reviewers Truly Love

    Leggings for exercise, relaxing,'ll find a pair in here for you.

    1. A colorful pair that comes with thousands of reviews, and the ability to take you from running errands to the gym, no problem.

    2. Faux leather leggings so you can still get away with wearing leggings, even when social outings pick up. Wait... Leave my house? In jeans? Pass.

    3. A high-waisted option that'll sculpt that booty and give you a squat-proof pair you'll feel comfortable hitting the gym in.

    reviewer taking selfie in mirror showing glutes

    4. Crossover leggings from Wolven made with all your needs in mind. They're super breathable, odor-resistant, quick drying, and made with a four-way stretch — aka everything you'd want in a pair of leggings.

    5. Booty-lifting leggings — yup, the ones you've seen aaaaallll over TikTok. There's a reason they've got 60,000+ reviews! The textured material is moisture-wicking and super stretchy so you'll love 'em just as much at your next boxing class as you will on the couch.

    reviewer wears the leggings in grey

    6. A ripped option for some extra outfit flair that doesn't involve actually putting on denim. This + graphic tee + your favorite sneakers = one comfy, trendy ensemble.

    7. A statement-making pair with slight compression to still give you the freedom to move around comfortably (like to the gym and then straight back to bed).

    Four models wearing the collection

    8. A highly-rated legging that'll work with your schedule and ensure you're comfortable from sunrise to sunset.

    9. High-waisted leggings featuring a large pocket and a contour detailing ready to take on hikes, HIIT sessions, walks, and the like.

    reviewer wearing leggings on a hike

    10. Flare leggings in all the fun patterns so you can roll out of bed in the outfit you're wearing and head straight out. Leggings that do the lord's work :').

    11. An extra high-waisted pair you'll find yourself grabbing for over and over again. I would simply know, because I live and die by Old Navy leggings.

    model doing a high boxing kick in bright orange leggings

    12. A no-see-through gym favorite for your yoga sessions, spin classes, HIIT trainings, and everything in between. Say hello to your new go-tos.

    13. A work-friendly pair in different plaid versions that'll make it seem like you're wearin' some uncomfortable no-stretch trousers, when in reality you're essentially wearing stretchy leggings. Good job, you.

    14. A bold pick with a funky pattern if you're a believer that leggings should be just as fun as they are comfortable. Good news for you, these are both!

    person wearing matching bra and leggings in a black and white striped graphic pattern

    15. A cotton spandex legging to give you an option in your rotation that is solely for lounging and running errands. Curl up with these and a good book, and there's no turning back.

    16. A Free People Movement option you'll love for its comfort and it's adorable style and cut-out legs. Ok, the colors are fine, too. I am absolutely kidding, the colors are beyond fabulous.

    model wearing neon orange leggings with a cut-out design on side of legs

    17. Mesh leggings so you can do your yoga in dang peace — no fiddling with the waistline or adjusting your legs. This breathable pair will stay where it's meant to be. Go ahead, master that crow pose.

    18. Metallic leggings because it isn't enough to simply go to dance class. You must be the shining star of the class. I get it.

    reviewer wearing the purple romastory metallic leggings with an 80s inspired workout fit

    19. Outdoor Voices TechSweat leggings that are worth every single penny. The structured waistband keeps 'em in place so you can hop, jump, and skip to your heart's content.

    20. Trendy ruffle hem leggings made for the the other shirts in your closet that aren't tanks for the gym – meaning as soon as you take off your workout ones, you can just crawl into another pair for dinner.

    Reviewer wearing the high-waisted leggings with ruffles at the bottom of each leg.

    21. Spanx faux leather leggings perfect to layer in the winter or wear with a tank in the summer. With these, you've got OPTIONS.

    22. A seamless pair that'll highlight your glute progress. You're not doing dead lifts for nothin'.

    23. A 7/8 capri style with a side pocket *and* back zipper pocket, plus a breathable crotch because some extra ventilation is much appreciated. Are these the perfect legging??? Just possibly.

    Model wearing the high-waisted leggings that go down to the ankle in bright blue

    24. An extra-long pair that'll have ya mastering all your yoga poses the second you slip them on. OK, maybe not, but these will be a happy addition to your yoga pant rotation.

    25. A mesh-cutout legging you'll ~sheer-ly~ love to add to your rotation. Just look how cool these are!

    Model wearing the full-length high-waisted leggings with mesh panels across the front.