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Just Like The Rest Of Us, Viola Davis Had To Unlearn Things About Her Beauty

Viola Davis talks about her childhood insecurities and what it now means to be the face of the largest global beauty brand.

Essence Gant 13 days ago

10 Moisturizers That Actually Help Control Oily Skin

Like love, we ALL need moisturizer.

Kat Angus 20 days ago

How 8 Black Girls Stay Lit When The World Gets Too Dark

No matter how dreary the weather or news cycle, these black girls stay lit from the inside-out with the help of self-care and makeup!

Essence Gant 29 days ago

15 Street Style Pics That Prove Models Aren't The Only Ones Serving At New York Fashion Week

There's no better time to slay and push boundaries than New York Fashion Week!

Essence Gant One month ago

Here Are 13 Hair, Makeup, And Skin Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

These beauties inspire us to push boundaries and take our looks to new levels!

Essence Gant One month ago
Essence Gant One month ago

If You Describe Your Style, We’ll Tell You Your Soulmate’s

Skip the frogs and skip right to your prince. This style analysis will tell you what to look for!

Essence Gant One month ago

Your Opinions On These Current Fashion Trends Will Tell Us If You're A Millennial Or Gen Z

Your style says a lot about you, like which generation you belong to!

Essence Gant One month ago

Rihanna's Makeup Artist Showed Us The Easiest Way To Use Bronzer And Our Life Is Changed

Bronzer is the product I never knew I needed. I'm changed.

Essence Gant 3 months ago

Arshia Moorjani Created The Content She Wanted To See, And Now She's A Full-Time Influencer

Here's a look into Arshia Moorjani's beauty room, as in a bedroom turned cosmetic paradise.

Essence Gant 3 months ago

Here's What Lion King's Makeup Collection Looks Like On Different People

Makeup artist extraordinaire Sir John teamed up with Disney and Luminess to create Disney's The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess, and we got to try it out before it launches on June 15!

Essence Gant 4 months ago

People Are Accusing Moschino And Sephora Of Stealing This Woman-Owned Makeup Brand's Idea

The Crayon Case CEO Raynell "SupaCent" Steward tells BuzzFeed she was devastated after seeing Jeremy Scott's Moschino makeup collection with Sephora.

Essence Gant 5 months ago

7 Things I Actually Tried In March Before Telling You How Great They Are

Some gold hoops that Halsey also has, an all natural deodorant that keeps me fresh, among other things!

Essence Gant 6 months ago

After Being Bullied As A Kid, Celine Dion Is The New Face Of L'oreal At 51 Years Old

Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion gets real about her confidence issues as a kid and why she was shocked to be a face L'Oréal Paris at 51 years old.

Essence Gant 6 months ago

Here Are The Skincare Must-Haves Of An Actual Beauty Boss

Rising beauty entrepreneur Elsa Arauz is building an online beauty store and putting on for Afro-Latinas worldwide, all while keeping her skin in tip-top shape. Tell us your ways, sis!

Essence Gant 6 months ago

36 High Fashion Brands And Designers That Don't Use Blackface

High fashion labels like Gucci, Prada and Burberry have recently come under fire for what many considered to be racially insensitive designs, but there are tons of other luxury fashion brands to shop, and they're black owned!

Essence Gant 7 months ago

Here's How A TV Correspondent And Makeup CEO Gets Ready For Work

Zanna Roberts Rassi, E! News Style Correspondent and Co-founder of Milk Makeup, journals every single product she put on her face and hair to get ready for a busy, non-stop day of work.

Essence Gant 7 months ago

29 Black Woman Singers You'll Love If You Love Vocals

Put some respect on black women's vocals.

Essence Gant 7 months ago

Baby Bangs Are Back According To Pinterest So Here's Some Inspiration

Literally just a bunch of super fly ppl rocking cropped bangs on Pinterest to give us some much needed hair inspo.

Essence Gant 8 months ago

People Are Doing Their Makeup Like Bratz Dolls' And It's Actually Art

Influencers are doing their makeup like Bratz dolls for the Instagram #BratzChallenge, and you gotta see this!

Essence Gant 8 months ago