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7 Rewarding Things You Should Do For YOU This Year

Nobody can make you as happy as you can make yourself!

1. Take yourself out on a date.

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Whether you're single, in a relationship, or it's complicated, treat yourself to a date night...or afternoon. Get in some much needed quality me time at the spa, a quiet bookstore, the park, or that restaurant you love.

2. Keep fresh flowers and potted plants in your space.

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Surround yourself with life and beauty, and put a few flowers or potted plants in your home. Not only do they spruce up a coffee table or window sill, but they smell great and give you something beautiful to look at.

3. Write self-affirming sticky notes and place them on your mirror.

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There's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little pep talk, or note, to kick off your day. Writing words of affirmation, like "I can do this!", "I'm beautiful as I am," and "Failure is normal and healthy," can serve as a constant and visual reminder that you're awesome, strong, and fully capable of living the life you deserve.

4. Manage your physical and mental health by sweating it out.

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Hit the gym, bike around town, lift weights in your room, just get moving. If you're able to do some physical exercise, take advantage of the privilege and sweat it out to keep stress levels down and your heart rate up!

5. Bask in that feeling of accomplishment by making or building something.

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Accomplishment is one of the most gratifying feelings ever! Follow a recipe and whip up a tasty dish, or pull out your paint and hot glue to take on a DIY project. The idea is to create something, from start to finish. Enjoy the process and the end result.

6. Write down at least five goals you want to achieve this year and hold yourself accountable.

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Think with intent about some things you really want to accomplish this year, and make a list of what is realistically achievable given your time, resources, and health. Big goals, like launching a T-shirt brand are great, but also balance it with smaller goals, like calling that family member you need to communicate with more once a month, so that you don't get overwhelmed.


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Sleep is so important. When we're well-rested, we think more clearly, we have more energy to get things done, and we're nicer to others and ourselves. Don't start the new year off with horrible sleeping habits. Set a bedtime alarm and put your phone on the Do Not Disturb mode if you have to, but make sure you prioritize your health and get in that beauty rest.

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