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    Here's The Life-Changing Blow Dryer Every Black Girl With Natural Hair Needs

    Issa miracle.

    I'm Essence, and I got a lotta hair. It's so thick and full, that my other natural sisters even stop me to whisper-ask, "Is that a piece?", nose slightly scrunched and brows furrowed.

    Essence Gant

    Most of the time I wear a wash-n-go 'fro, an Afro puff, or a head wrap with my hair sprouting from the front, like in this pic.

    I'm very minimal, so doing my hair is usually a piece of cake. But every once in a while when I wanna channel the '70s divas, I blow it out, and guuuurl ... it ain't no crystal stair.

    For the longest I'd just go to a professional and have them do it because I couldn't be bothered with the breaking comb attachments, or trying to hold a brush in one hand and dryer in the other, or the aching from holding a dryer in the air for so long.

    But when I tell you my life changed after a quick "dryers for natural hair 4c" search on YouTube, and thumbnails upon thumbnails of black girls holding a foreign paddle brush-like object I'd never seen before popped up.

    They were all raving about Revlon's Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler, which shook the hell outta me because it looked like the very last thing I would've picked up in the hair care aisle.

    Me and sis got two totally different textures!

    But trusting that my online community of hair enthusiasts would never steer me wrong, I went forth and tried it out. Y'all, please look at this sorcery disguised as blowdrying below:

    After shampooing and conditioning, I detangled my hair into two-strand twists, with a leave-in, of course. Then I unraveled each twist and blew them out one-by-one with the dryer. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it ran through my hair, and how quickly it dried each section.

    Essence Gant

    It has four temperature settings, and I used the highest since my hair is so thick and curly. I also spritzed Chi Iron Guard 44 Thermal Protection Spray to each section right before blow drying.

    On the left is my hair freshly shampooed and conditioned, and on the right is my hair after I blew it out with the dryer. The blowout process took me about an hour and a half, but I'm sure I can get it even quicker with more practice. I didn't want it super sleek because I prefer a big hair look, but I could've gotten the roots even straighter with a few more strokes if I wanted to.

    Essence Gant

    This dryer really is a must for every thick-haired person whose eyes tear up at the thought of having to blow out their own hair. FOREVER SHOOK 🙏🏿.

    Essence Gant

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.