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    15 Easy Protective Hairstyles That Don't Require A Lot Of Skill Or Time

    And it's not just a bunch of cornrows and box braids.

    1. This faux Afro puff that works on even the shortest hair.

    2. These twisted double buns for a cute and casual updo.

    3. This genie twist that's cheap, easy, and quick!

    4. This pigtail crown for a simple but regal 'do.

    5. This '90s-inspired twist updo that we can't stop envisioning with big chunky hoops😍.

    6. Any one (or all!) of these ridiculously cute bunned styles.

    7. This play on classic pigtails for a more high-fashion ~lewk~.

    8. This super high ponytail for a major '90s vibe.

    9. And this high Nicki Minaj-inspired ponytail if you want some fun color!

    10. These laid baby hairs and high bun, perfect for straight or long hair.

    11. And this high textured bun if your hair is short or curly.

    12. This triple braid to single plait long enough for a good swing.

    13. This topknot and half-down style for max texture and fullness.

    14. This unbelievably natural-looking wig.

    15. And this short wig that fits even if you have big hair.