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    15 Easy Protective Hairstyles That Don't Require A Lot Of Skill Or Time

    And it's not just a bunch of cornrows and box braids.

    1. This faux Afro puff that works on even the shortest hair.

    Jane Nashe / Via

    Jane Nashe gets this glorious Afro puff by slicking back her well-moisturized and gelled hair into a tiny ponytail. Then she crochets short pieces of textured hair around it; no braiding required!

    See just how easy it is here.

    2. These twisted double buns for a cute and casual updo.

    QueenPrincessKym / Via

    Double buns are always fun, but twisting them first gives the hair a little more protection. QueenPrincessKym parts and secures her hair like normal, and then she makes two chunky twists from each ponytail before pinning them into a bun.

    Follow the steps here.

    3. This genie twist that's cheap, easy, and quick!

    MahoganyCurls / Via

    MahoganyCurls shows us how to get this beginner-friendly jumbo twist with a pack of kinky braiding hair. If your hair is super-thick, try twisting or braiding it first. The stretch will make it easier to put into a ponytail.

    See how she does it here.

    4. This pigtail crown for a simple but regal 'do.

    @sashabasha2 / Via

    SashaBasha is queen of easy natural hair styles. Here are all the steps for this halo crown she created by pinning two pigtails to the front of her head.

    Follow her on Instagram and get the steps here in the caption.

    5. This '90s-inspired twist updo that we can't stop envisioning with big chunky hoops😍.

    NoLyeNapturallyMe / Via YouTube

    NoLyeNapturallyMe parted several chunky sections of her hair, twisting and pinning each one before gathering them all into a side ponytail. She pre-twisted some Havana crochet hair and attached it to the ponytail to finish the look.

    See how she does it here.

    6. Any one (or all!) of these ridiculously cute bunned styles.

    FusionofCultures / Via

    FusionOfCultures does a quick demo for each of these three looks. If your hair lacks length or fullness, you can easily add in braiding hair to get each style.

    Watch the detailed video for each bun here.

    7. This play on classic pigtails for a more high-fashion ~lewk~.

    MiniMarley / Via

    MiniMarley's 'do is a lot more intricate than your regular pigtails, but it's not as hard as it looks. She did a twist-out first to give her hair a good stretch so it'd be easier to part and lay into two sections. Then she attached more braiding hair for length.

    Watch how she braided and twisted her hair here.

    8. This super high ponytail for a major '90s vibe.

    NaeandNea / Via

    NaeandNea gets this high pony together in less than five minutes. After attaching two packs of Kanekalon braiding hair to her natural ponytail, she wraps her natural hair around as a base for the long pony.

    See how she slicks her hair down and attaches the loose braiding hair here.

    9. And this high Nicki Minaj-inspired ponytail if you want some fun color!

    Naturally Nata / Via

    Naturally Nata separates her natural hair into two sections before combining them in a high bun. Then she attaches four packs of purple and black Kanekalon braiding hair for this fierce and full pony.

    See how she does it here.

    10. These laid baby hairs and high bun, perfect for straight or long hair.

    SoFreshDyamond / Via

    You can never go wrong with a massive high bun. SoFreshDyamond makes the perfect bun mold with two pairs of socks, and she slicks her baby hairs down with a toothbrush.

    Check out how easy it is here.

    11. And this high textured bun if your hair is short or curly.

    Freedom Styles / Via

    If you think your hair is too short for a bun, think again! Freedom Styles shows you how to get this sleek and chic style using Afro-textured braiding hair.

    See here how she slicks her natural hair back into a small pony before attaching the braiding hair.

    12. This triple braid to single plait long enough for a good swing.

    TheChicNatural / Via

    Single jumbo braids are a black girl fave, special thanks to icon Sade. TheChicNatural puts her own spin on it with three braids in the crown that lead to a gorgeously long plait.

    Follow her every step here.

    13. This topknot and half-down style for max texture and fullness.

    @naijagoddess / Via

    Ify Yvonne divided her hair into two sections, wrapping braiding hair around the front section for a topknot. She cornrowed the back and clipped on a netted crochet piece.

    Check out this tutorial to see how she made the crochet net, and watch this tutorial to see how she achieved the look.

    14. This unbelievably natural-looking wig.

    TheChicNatural / Via

    This wig just looks like a flawless twist-out! TheChicNatural shows us how to get it done, and it only takes her three minutes to style the wig. It's important to braid your natural hair down neat and tight so that the wig fits properly. You can get the wig she's wearing on Amazon.

    Get the deets on her wig slaying tips here.

    15. And this short wig that fits even if you have big hair.

    MahoganyCurls / Via

    It's so hard to wear wigs if you have really thick or big hair, but MahoganyCurls shows us a nifty little trick for fitting massive manes under wigs—and no cornrowing involved 🙌!

    Watch how she does it here.