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10 Ways To Have Fun With Your Friends While Socially Distancing

Make the most of this time at home with these fun, and funny, ways to connect with your friends!

Social distancing can feel lonely because, well, it is. There are a few fun ways, however, we can stay connected to our friends and make the most of it!

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1. Exchange dating app logins and swipe for each other.

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Now's the time to pick the perfect match for your friend because let's face it, they're not the best picker. Trade login deets and swipe right and left for each other. And this is totally more for them than it is for you, but be a good sport and play along. Who knows? Maybe this could lead to a virtual double date?!

2. Those Hollywood premieres always look so fun. Host your own and screen your favorite show or movie!

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There are tons of apps and streaming services that allow users to watch their favorite series and movies with a group. Take turns picking what the group will watch and take to the app's comment section, or the group chat, to give your reactions and film critic expertise in real time. And we're not saying red carpet attire is a must, but also, like why not?

3. Agree on a recipe and make a meal together over video.

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Settle on a recipe and cook together. This way, even though you're separated you can still enjoy a meal together like the good ol' days. Compare notes on how you each prepared your dish and send pics of how it all turned out.

4. Take the bore out of organizing your closet and get your friends' honest opinions on what needs to go.

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You've watched enough model competition shows now to make it as a local model. And by local we mean within the comfort of your own closet. Video-chat or go live on social with your besties and show off your angles in those pieces you haven't worn in a while. Get their honest opinions on what you should keep and what you could put in the donate pile.

5. They say books take you anywhere, so start a book club and travel the pages of a bestseller.

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It's a great time to get in some reading. Encourage your friends to do the same and pick a good book you can all enjoy and discuss. Make it a real thing and establish a day and time each week you all will unpack the chapters. Some of your favorite movies and shows are adaptations of books, so it could be fun to pick one of those and compare and contrast the pages to the screen.

6. Video-chat a friend or two, or as many as your app allows at a time, and honestly just catch up on life.

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Perhaps the next best thing to seeing each other irl is seeing each other's faces on a screen. Sure, it's not exactly the same. But it's pretty darn close. You can text or call, but some things are best said face-to-face. For those juicy details that warrant a more personal interaction, video-chat your heart out. And if you happen to have a tiny wig lying around, put it on your screen to make it more real ya know?!

7. Indulge in a little friendly competition and challenge your friends to a video or phone game.

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So those once annoying game ads that pop up while we're on social media or reading the news from our phones/computers are actually not all that annoying. Turns out they're perfect in a time like this because many of them allow users to play with others, as teammates or competitors! Whether your crew is into sports, grammar, action, fashion — there's a game for it.

8. Make a virtual self-care date, unwind, and vent about your feels over face masks or a long soak.

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*sigh* Spa dates! Remember those? Get fancy and bring the spa to your home for some quality me-time with your friends. Chat with each other via video while you soak away your cares, or pamper yourselves with some skincare, makeup or hair care. Honestly, you deserve it and so do they.

9. Perhaps the best escape from reality is planning your next group trip.

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This too shall pass, and when it does you and your crew will be beyond ready for some travel. Start a shared document of all the places each of you are interested in visiting. Mouthwatering food pics, historic landmarks, bucket list adventures, stunning views — put it all in the doc. Research expenses and start saving now so you'll be all set when it's time. It'll be something to look forward to.

10. Stretch those muscles and choreograph a new dance for social media.

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It's impossible to scroll any social timeline and not see multiple dance videos. They're becoming more and more popular with no signs of slowing down, so might as well join in on the fun and choreograph your own with a bestie. You can even have dance practice over video chat. Who knows? Maybe your group is sitting on tomorrow's viral dance challenge! After it's perfected, post it to the grid and tag others to learn the moves.

Give these ideas a go, or get innovative and let us know how you and your friends are having fun while socially distancing!

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