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    30 Genius Ways To Finally Get Your Hair To Stop Frizzing

    Who's ready to make all of our hair problems go *poof*?

    1. Comb a treatment mask through your hair from root to tip to a) prevent waste and b) fully treat your bleached, dry, or frizzy tresses with the repairing product. It's actually a lot more effective than just trying to massage it with your fingers, meaning you'll see results STAT.

    2. Don't forget the importance of a heat protectant spray — spray this on before styling with tools so you can put a barrier between your delicate strands and red-hot plates. This one is even chock-full of argan, coconut, and olive oil to not only guard your hair, but cancel frizz and make it s-h-i-n-e.

    3. Identify your ~hair type~ so you can better shop for specific products that have you in mind. For example, Moroccanoil curl-defining cream is a great tool for defining natural, curly hair. However! John Frieda voluminous shampoo and conditioner is better for making fine, straight hair sleek and frizz-free *without* weighing it down.

    4. Nourish the heck out of your hair and say goodbye to dry, frizzy manes with nothing more than a Garnier leave-in conditioning cream. Its formula of vitamins B3 and B6, plus argan oil and citrus protein keeps your hair shiny and soft even in the face of humidity. The best part? You can use this on dry hair.

    5. Hit the reset button on fried, over-processed manes with a dollop of L'Oréal repair treatment. Its blend of almond extracts and protein elixirs both strengthens your hair and protects it from further heat damage — it can even withstand bleaching! Talk about multitasking.

    6. Dry your natural curls with a diffuser (and hold it at an upwards angle) instead of air drying so that your ringlets have more volume and look smoothly defined, not frizzy. Small change = big, big difference.

    Just 👏look👏 at 👏that👏 definition!

    7. Enlist the help of a leave-in argan oil treatment — a well-loved solution for many a frizz fighter. Why? It starts at the the scalp to restore shine to even the most over-processed, damaged hair.

    8. Control little flyaways with nothing more than a toothbrush and humidity-resistant hairspray — it'll hold those suckers down all day.

    9. Wash natural hair once every seven to ten days to prevent it from drying out and losing shape. If you find your hair is actually more on the oily side, switch to washing it twice a week.

    10. And when you DO wash your natural hair, use strictly curl-specializing formulas like a Head and Shoulders cowash. Its blend of tangerine, coconut oil, and castor oil detangle and condition, while gently cleansing your scalp. So long frizz, hellooooo definition.

    11. Confront unhappy tresses ~head on~ with a fan-favorite Olaplex No.5 conditioner that'll repair even the most damaged hair with its highly moisturizing formula that targets weak hair, split ends, and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. So long, fried strands. Hello, SHINE.

    12. Wrap your hair into itself by making a tight (and chic!) bun. By keeping all your hair wound together, you'll naturally smoothen all your strands — and some humidity-resistant hairspray will make sure your hard work lasts.

    13. Prevent midnight breakage with a satin pillowcase. Not only will you feel like royalty, but you'll also naturally wake up with frizz-free hair, thanks to a total lack of pulling and tangling.

    14. Take matters into your own hands by using HerStyler Hair Repair Serum to treat fried, damaged tresses. Infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil, this bb works overtime to restore shine, flatten frizz, and overall bring that tired mane back to LIFE. And all it takes a few swipes of your fingers.

    15. Wait for your hair to dry 90% of the way before you blow-dry (and don't forget a diffuser for a sleeker finish!). Not only does this keep your hair healthy, but you have a better chance of straightening damp — not wet — hair without subsequently causing a frizzy mess.

    16. Minimize tearing by switching to a widely loved Wet Brush that'll detangle BOTH wet and dry hair, minus any painful pulling or breakage. Aka you'll still have every strand of hair you started with.

    17. Smoothen and soften your ringlets (all while giving them major definition) with DevaCurl SuperCream, a wildly popular anti-frizz styler that's rich with coconut oil for quick, shiny locks. Get ready for curls that bounce, *not* tangle.

    18. ~Break free~ from accidentally tearing your hair (and therefore resulting in frizz) when drying it by opting for a gentler cotton T-shirt, instead.

    19. Or! If you're short on time, try this super-absorbent and lightweight microfiber towel. It cuts drying time *in half* and is much more gentle than the traditional cotton towel, so you and your hair are both happy and in one piece. No breakage = ~smooth~ sailing.

    20. Pack on a collagen-infused Elizavecca protein treatment to turn back the hands of time and bring back the shine you DESERVE. Five minutes of wearing this mask, and your mane will forget it ever even met flyaways. Commence slow-mo hair toss.

    21. Cut down on frizz AND time by using a Revlon one-step hair dryer and styling brush to straighten your hair in a more efficient manner. It boasts three heat and speed settings, as well as ionic bristles to evenly distribute its straightening power — meaning your tresses will be dry, blowout-worthy, and free of even ONE flyaway well before your wrists are tired.

    22. Put your hair worries to rest by finding the right hairdo to sleep in. One of the easiest ways? Wear a satin bonnet to bed to protect your hair from frizzing overnight, even if you toss and turn 'til sunrise.

    23. Scrub away dandruff and dullness with a shampoo brush — it'll gently deep-clean, exfoliate, and stimulate blood flow to your scalp to make sure every strand of hair gets the ultimate level of restoring treatment and comes out of the shower looking smoooooth. Healthier hair = less frizz.

    24. Take a break from damaging hot tools (aka what's probably causing frizz) and achieve effortless beach waves by simply putting your (slightly damp) hair in twists before bed. All it takes is some bobby pins at night and a little hairspray in the morning!

    25. Treat second- (or third-) day hair with dry shampoo powder, instead of spray. It'll absorb excess oil without creating hardness or frizz *and* will even leave you a boost of volume! Did I mention it's formulated to perfectly match brunette hair? So long, white streaks AND flyaways.

    26. Ensure that your morning's hard work lasts all day by mastering the art of a frizz-free blowout — you'll need some styling serum and a diffuser. Does this require some effort? Yes. Does humidity stand a chance? NOPE.

    27. Give stubborn hair the *run down* by smoothing it out with some Garnier anti-frizz serum. Its argan oil formula works on both damp and dry hair to add shine and keep everything in place.

    28. Update your look while also leaving your curls free of sizzling heat products with a surprisingly simple faux hawk. The best part: you can even rock this when faced with harsh humidity (especially when you wear a little hairspray). WIN.

    29. Put your foot (or finger, that it) on unruly hair by protecting it with a spritz of R+Co anti-static spray. Its combo of vitamin E, argan oil, and anti-static agents team up to not only keep humidity from taking over, but actually soften and strengthen your tresses. Its finishing touch: lots of shine.

    30. Don't panic if you don't have time to blow-dry your hair every day after working out (or even just showering). Your hair probably wants a break from the heat, anyway! Instead, quickly style it into a braided bun that'll stay in place (and won't frizz later) if your hair is still wet — but you can use some It's A 10 styling serum just in case.

    You and hair now that you can spend more than 10 minutes in humidity:

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