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    17 Secrets Your Hair Stylist Wants You To Know

    We don’t expect tips, but it’s always a bonus.

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    Hairdressers are probably the cheapest therapists you’ll ever get. They leave us looking and feeling amazing every time.

    So we asked them to share some hairdressing secrets with us, and they did.

    1. You don't need to wash your hair before you come to the salon. / Via

    Marc Trinder, art team director, Charles Worthington: "We will always wash your hair first, so you really don't need to wash your hair before coming in. It’s always better to come with dirty hair – it gives the stylist a chance to see your hair in its natural state. We see a lot, so it’s very rare for us to think your hair is disgusting. Obviously don't leave it unwashed for weeks, but a day or two is fine."

    Tai Walker, head of colour, Mahogany Hair: "Always try to leave two days without washing your hair prior to a colour appointment. This means minimum sensitivity for on-scalp applications and gives your colourist better control of the hair for highlighting and other foil techniques."

    2. Depending on your hair length, you can go up to 12 weeks between haircuts.

    3. You don't actually need to buy matching shampoo and conditioner. / Via

    Marc: "It’s good to mix it up when it comes to shampoo and conditioner; you always need to do what is best for your hair. Your hair has different issues, so different conditions and shampoos will see to it."

    Tai: "We're hairdressers and we mix and match sometimes. Don't worry about matching and do what is best for your hair. You hair might be thin and dry, so in that case you should use a volume shampoo with a moisturising condition. It's all about what the hair needs."

    Wayne Shorter-Campbell, senior afro stylist, Errol Douglas Salon: "It's fine to mix and match, but always be sure to stay consistent when it comes to the actual ingredients. So if you are using sulphate-free products, make sure both the conditioner and shampoo are sulphate free."

    4. No tip is too small. / Via

    Tai: "Tips are not expected but always appreciated."

    Marc: "We don’t expect tips, we know that people have other expenses. If people tip, it’s nice and I find people tip around £5–10. I got tipped 50p once and to me it’s like this 50p is more than I had this morning. I also find some people don’t tip but give us Christmas presents. It really doesn’t matter."

    Jonny: "How much you tip is totally up to you. I would never be offended if the clients didn’t tip or tipped little. Getting your hair done is expensive now, so I get when people don’t tip."

    5. Blow-drying your hair every day is not that bad. / Via

    Marc: "Technically it's bad, but in reality it's not, as long as you respect your hair. Put the heat down on the dryer, use a heat protector, and blow-dry your hair correctly. Make sure you are moving the hairdryer round your head and evenly distributing heat. Maybe keep it at every other day, but every day is not that bad."

    Tai: "Blow-drying hair every day is not bad, as long as you use heat-protecting spray."

    6. Always get your hair relaxed by a professional.

    7. We can tell when you cba to talk. / Via

    Jonny: "I can always tell the different between clients who want to talk and those who want to sit and chill, you just get the vibe. I have clients that I have had for a long time and they never talk and I think, 'Does this client even like me?' But it's about knowing the client. If they don't want to talk it's fine."

    Marc: "Most stylists can gauge when you don't want to talk, but if you really want to make it obvious, bring a book."

    8. It's fine to bring a picture, but please be realistic.

    9. It's OK to use box hair dye. Kinda. / Via

    Wayne: "It's a yes and no. For between-salon-visit maintenance and root management perhaps. However, the only way to have a bespoke colour solution is to see an experienced colourist."

    Marc: "I understand that people use it to touch up regrowth, but you can find yourself in very sticky situations with box hair dye. Changing your hair colour is not like changing wall colour. You need to get rid of the right pigments before you achieve certain colours, and replace pigments too. I would say box dye is more for people covering grey hair."

    Tai: "I would always say NO! to box hair dye. If you want to cover greys use a hair chalk or hair mascara."

    10. You only need to wash afro hair once every seven to ten days.

    11. You only need to use purple shampoo once a week.

    12. You shouldn't leave your weave in for longer than 12 weeks.

    WEtv / Via

    Michelle: "Generally I would say a weave should be kept in for no longer than six to twelve weeks. The reason for this is you don't want to put too much tension on the hair, plus your hair needs a little relief. Also leaving it for long periods of time increases the risk of severe breakage and in more serious cases hair loss."

    Wayne: "After six to eight weeks, it's time to take the weave out. Your hair needs to breathe, so any longer is detrimental to long-term hair and scalp condition. Leaving in for longer than this puts you at risk of traction alopecia due to the tension on the hair and scalp. If you stay within six to eight weeks the risk is minimal and it’s a perfectly reasonable hair maintenance programme."

    13. You should deep-condition your hair after every wash.

    14. Use a silk pillow or scarf when sleeping.

    15. A salon blow-dry is definitely worth the money.

    16. But a salon treatment can be done at home.

    17. It's OK to tell us you don't like your new hair.

    GIFBAY.COM / Via

    Jonny: "Always say if you are not happy. I would hate for a client to leave and never come back. Things can always be fixed. Call when you get home, call the next day, just let us know."

    Marc: "We want you to leave the salon 100% happy. If you hate your hair ALWAYS say. We would rather you said it then and there so we can fix it. But if you don’t feel confident enough, then call us as soon as you get home and we will fix it. Don’t leave it too long: Some people can be cheeky and drag it out a few weeks.

    Wayne: "You should always be able to have an honest and open conversation with your hairdresser. Absolutely say if you are not happy with your hair."

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