21 Hairstyles You Can Do In Less Than Five Minutes

    Style straight, curly, and natural hair in five minutes or less.

    1. Braid long hair into a low ponytail.

    2. Tuck shoulder-length hair into a headband.

    3. Add a few curls to short hair.

    4. Turn a side braid into a low side bun.

    5. Thread together three ponytails.

    6. Braid one side and pull it into a teased ponytail.

    7. Crown braid wet hair and roll it into a bun.

    8. Pin one side and curl the other.

    9. Accessorize with a bandana.

    10. Pin one side.

    11. Separate hair into four sections and pin it up.

    12. Make two braids and pin them back.

    13. Try half-up and half-down (with no part).

    14. Try a five-minute twist.

    15. Throw on a headband and push it a little past your hairline.

    16. Pull hair into a curly top knot.

    17. Make a ridiculously easy pulled-back look with hair slides.

    18. Rock a head scarf (and a pretty, messy updo).

    19. Make the perfect curly ponytail.

    20. Make a slicked, deep-side-part ponytail.

    21. Try a super braided headband.

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