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    Hyping Up Food, Family, And More For National Hispanic Heritage Month 🎉

    Plus: Music festival expectations vs. realities, and some really great stationery.

    This Week: A sampler of all the most inspiring (and delicious!) posts for celebrating Hispanic heritage this month

    Ben Haist/BuzzFeed

    International Hits:

    In Australia23 quality cat tweets, ‘cause we gotta stick to our roots here.

    In Brazil — It would appear that not all gender reveal announcements go quite according to plan (Portuguese here).

    In Canada — Okay but can Hot Cheetos really give you an ulcer??

    In Germany — Music festival expectations vs. reality, for real though. (German here).

    In SpainWhatever happened to Zoey 101?? + other questions everyone in their early 20s still has (Spanish here).

    In IndiaStationery lovers, this one’s for you.

    In JapanThis post about a Texan grandmother avenging her pet horse by shooting a gator has been getting shared almost twice as much in Japanese!

    In Mexico — Give these inventive office employees alllll the Dundies (Spanish here).

    In the UK — Wait did you guys know that famed brunettes like Sofia Vergara and Kristen Stewart both have natural blonde hair???

    Required reading:

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