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Sep 26, 2018

17 Dishes That Make Anyone Who Appreciates Real Mexican Food Roll Their Eyes

BuzzFeed Mexico's calling allllll of this out.

1. First of all, I'm sorry, but don't you dare call these "enchiladas."

2. And this is the weirdest quesadilla I've ever seen in my life:

Is that...spinach???

3. These "Mexican-style" chicken flautas make me want to cry...

4. And this whole Cheeto taco shell thing is

Twitter: @RafaeIRamosV

Is it delicious? Probably. Is it real Mexican food? Hells no.

5. This is just straight-up disrespecting what real tamales are...

6. And are you really going to look us in the eye rn and call this guac???

Noooo thanks.

7. More things we just can't endorse: this "chilaquiles burger"...

8. These cheesecake "enchiladas"...

Twitter: @sandraborda

Not everything can be an enchilada, you guys.

9. More "tamales" that should not be called tamales...

10. These Doritos tacos...

But you knew that...right?

11. And these completely sauceless chilaquiles. Ummm no??

12. Seriously, what is it with the Cheetos??

13. And please, just tell us you've actually had real tamales, right? Because this is scaring us:

14. Because anyone who truly knows authentic Mexican food knows this to be true: enchiladas with yellow cheese sauce is a hard nope.

This just isn't the way it is.

15. And if this is your idea of an authentic taco, we feel sorry for you:

16. Because you should know that there's a whole wide beautiful world of Mexican food out there...

Without Cheeto dust...

17. And folks, this just isn't it:

Twitter: @FreckZ88

It's not even close.

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Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

This post was translated from Spanish.