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    14 Things To Satisfy The Stationery Lover In You

    For all the pens, pencils, and papers you love to hoard.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. (Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.)

    1. This notebook that you can plant and nurture when you're done with it.

    Get it for ₹270.

    2. This paper punch that makes cute designs for when you're in a mood to make craft.

    Get it for ₹247.

    3. This set of ONE HUNDRED tape rolls for you to add some zhush to your art.

    Get it for ₹259.

    4. This set of 12 boxes of glitter so that you can be as extra as you want to be.

    Get it for ₹380.

    5. This whole damn book of wrapping paper to wrap birthday gifts for your friends.

    Get it for ₹371.

    6. This handy box of stationery supplies to help organise your pages and boards better.

    Get it for ₹140.

    7. Those 6-in-1 pens from your childhood are here in a set of three.

    Get it for ₹299.

    8. This handy paper shredder to ease paper disposal and help let go of some frustrations you might be holding back.

    Get it for ₹575.

    9. This adorable daily planner to make adulting look cute.

    Get it for ₹249.

    10. This set of 10 ball pens to add colour to your notes.

    Get it for ₹210.

    11. This set of animal sticky notes to give you reminders you'd not hate.

    Get it for ₹251.

    12. This all-Apsara writing set that will make you want to go back to school.

    Get it for ₹249.

    13. This pinless stapler so that you'll never run out of staple pins ever again.

    Get it for ₹400.

    14. And this stand to help organise your entire loot from this post.

    Get it for ₹868.