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This Is What A Latinx-American Family Looks Like

Get your tissues out 'cause you might just shed a tear as you go through this giant photo album of some of our amazing AF families.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what their Latinx-American families look like. Here are their gorgeous, uplifting, diverse, and totally perfect submissions!

First and foremost we know that current times can be kinda tough for members of our community and even our own families, so we stick together and support each other the best we can.

We also know that we don't always "look" the way we're portrayed.

But being Latinx means we're crazy diverse!

We come from awesome places like Puerto Rico!


And Cuba!

Some of us love traveling to awesome places like New York.

And Europe.

Or we travel to celebrate special occasions.

Some of us really love sports! Like, no matter how old or young we are, some of us just really love sports.

And apparently, some of us really love the Dodgers.

Actually a lot of us do.

Which, is hard for me to admit as a Giants fan.

Ah, here we are, some 49ers fans!

We also really love Coco!

Which like, duh! It's the best movie ever created.

Speaking of Coco, some of us are huge Disney fans! And Disneyland is our go-to vacation spot!

Or really any super fun amusement park.

I mean, how cute are our little families?!

Also, we're smart AF!

Like, really really smart.

Genius flow through these genes.

We're obviously gonna run the world one day.

And cure diseases.

And explore outer space.

Our futures are really limitless.

And our families will be there to support us every step of the way.

They'll be our biggest cheerleaders as we become attorneys.

And scientists.

And even when we start and run our own businesses!

They'll also be there at our other major life events.

Like our weddings.

And some of us will celebrate Christmas.

And they'll be awesome, joyous occasions.

Plus, we give the best damn gifts!

And we'll eat the best damn food!

Did I mention the gifts?

One of the coolest things about being Latinx is that sometimes it means we get to help and support our families when they decide to take the huge step and become American citizens.

People often think we only come in huge, massive families.

But sometimes we don't.

Sometimes we had to leave our families behind to achieve our version of the American dream.

And sometimes they all came with us! LOL!

No, but sometimes we do have big families.

Like pretty big families.

Like big enough to fill a movie theatre.

Or a an entire airplane.

Or like a football stadium.

Our families have long, awesome histories which basically gives us the most epic #TBT pics.

And relive cherished visits back to our motherland.

Where we get to show off our stellar fashion choices.

Or awesome vacations we took as a family.

We also get to look back at who was by our side before we made it big.

And really question why we don't take more photos together all the time.

Because, we look just like our parents and should probably get photographic evidence of that.

Also, we age so well, we really should take more photos.

'Cause we always look great, no matter our age. We're just blessed that way.

Another blessing a lot of our families have — strong amazing women.

Women help define and keep together many of our Latinx families.

I mean, we're surrounded by awesome women.

They're strong, smart, and, it goes without saying, gorgeous!

Latinx women are just amazing.

And they're part of our families!

How awesome is that?

Now don't get me wrong Latinx guys are cool too!

And not bad to look at!

But the women are often really the backbone.

They're strong AF!

In all seriousness, our whole family is awesome.

We're big (and small) diverse groups.

Who like to have a good time.

Which means, celebrating major milestones.

And birthdays.

And Dia de los Muertos.

And weddings...but I already said that.

We stick together, not matter what.

Even when some of us act like we're living an IRL novela plot line.

I mean, if this isn't the cast of the best damn novela ever created...I dunno what is.

Okay, maybe this!

Sometimes it's hard for us to get together.

Because there are just so damn many of us!

And even fitting in the camera frame is too damn hard.

'Cause like I said before, sometimes there are just a lot of us!

Just one side of our often gigantic families could fill up a room.

So snapping a pic...well that can get hard.

But sometimes our awesome families are just enough to fill up a car for an awesome adventure.

Or we have just enough cousins to guarantee a good time.

Or have a really yummy meal.

We're often mixed and get to celebrate two really great cultures.

And no matter the ratios.

We get to use our two cultures to make our perfect American family.

Our heritage and history sometimes didn't start in the United States.

We've traveled far and wide to call this place home and to find the opportunities to help our families.

And so we serve our country, work hard AF, and try our best at living the American dream.

And we live it to the fullest.

Now, some of us will get questioned about whether or not we're Latinx.

But it's just because people don't understand how diverse Latin America is!

We're a perfect mix of so many cultures.

So that makes us super diverse.

Like SUPER diverse.

You just can't lump us all together.

Because we're all so different.

But most of us do have one thing in common.

We absolutely love our families.

Our giant






That support us.

Give us endless love.

And are just plain awesome to be around.

They're our first friends!

And we're lucky to have them!

And if you're still with me, I'd like to introduce you to my amazing AF family that I drive crazy but, like, they have to love me so...jajajaja! Suckers!

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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