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    Sep 30, 2018

    28 Photos That Capture The Best And Worst Parts Of Going To A Music Festival

    Expectations vs. reality.

    1. First, there's music festival beverage expectations:

    And music festival beverage reality:

    2. Here's what you expect festival food to look like...

    And here's what you actually end up eating:

    3. Of course, you want the weather to be like this...

    But somehow, it always ends up like this:

    4. And you always think the lodging situation will be like this...

    When it's really this:

    5. You might think "glamping" is a thing...

    Until you find out it's just, well, camping:

    6. And maybe you held out hope that the bathrooms would look like this:

    But like, come on, you already knew that was too good to be true, right?

    Conundrum / Via

    7. These are your festival footwear expectations...

    And this is the reality:

    8. And you figure you'll put that kiddie pool to good use...

    And well, you do. Kind of.

    9. These are your tent life expectations:

    And this is tent life reality:

    10. And if you thought car camping would be more glamorous...

    You should know that it's mostly this:

    11. Staying protected from the elements isn't just cute...

    It's a matter of survival:

    12. And just in case you still have beverage-related expectations...

    Just know that this is more of the reality:

    13. This is how you think you and your crew will bond:

    And this is how you actually do:

    14. And finally, you'd expect that heading home, at least, will be uneventful...

    But it never really is, is it?


    This article was translated and edited from the original in German.