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We Survived The Instagram Shutdown Of 2019.

We admit it: we're addicted to looking at dog photos on the 'gram. But we could all benefit from taking more breaks from social media.

Buzzdogs • 3 months ago

Choose Your Favorite Dog Costumes And We'll Tell You Which Classic Halloween Movie You Need To Watch

Dogs in costumes + Halloween movies = the perfect mix of tricks and treats.

Buzzdogs • 8 months ago

Buffalo Is The Best Dog-Friendly City

This dog-friendly city gets Two Paws Up!

Buzzdogs • 10 months ago

George H.W. Bush's New Service Dog Sully Spent Independence Day Sharing Photos Of His Life On Instagram

All dogs are good boys (and good girls), but Sully might be the goodest boy.

Buzzdogs • 11 months ago
Buzzdogs • One year ago

35 Facts About College Life From The Only Source We All Trust: Dogs

Spoiler alert: College would be lot cuter if it were filled with dogs.

Buzzdogs • One year ago

We Know What Kind Of Dog Mom You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fur babies are real babies, and we all have different ideas of what makes a perfect dog mom (and dog dad)!

Buzzdogs • One year ago

We Searched Instagram And Found The Official Dog For All 50 States

America, it's time that we designate these pups as the Official State Dogs!

Buzzdogs • One year ago
Buzzdogs • One year ago

14 Dogs That Look Stylish AF In Sunglasses

These dogs are just too cool.

Buzzdogs • One year ago

18 Reasons Why We Need The Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are the best days of the year!

Buzzdogs • One year ago

Celebrate Shark Week With An Epic Re-Enactment Of Jaws, Brought To You By Dogs

These Pups Are Turning "Shark Week" Into "Bark Week."

Buzzdogs • One year ago

Answer 10 Random Questions And We'll Tell You Which Chow Chow Will Be Your Next Instagram Obsession

Answer some random questions, and we'll tell you which ball of fluffy cuteness that you need to follow on Instagram!

Buzzdogs • One year ago

DC Dogs Got Pawlitical, And You'll Want To Vote For All Of Them

On June 4, 2017, DC Dogs Marched on Washington to support animal rescue organizations and to bring awareness to issues like breed-specific legislation, animal cruelty laws, and the importance of senior dog adoption.

Buzzdogs • 2 years ago

These Dogs Are Auctioning Off Photo Props For Charity, And It's The Cutest.

Everyone loves pictures of adorable dogs. It's even better when those dogs are supporting a great charity!

Buzzdogs • 2 years ago

24 Dogs Who Can't Get Enough Of "Harry Potter And The Cursed Child"

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has finally been released, and these dogs can't wait to find out if the Bark Lord rises again! (Don't worry, they're not sharing any spoilers!)

Buzzdogs • 2 years ago

19 Gorgeous And Fluffy Chow Chows To Follow On Instagram

Chow Chows are part dog, part bear, and part lion, and 100% fluffy adorableness. Here are 19 beautiful, fluffy chows that everyone should be following on Instagram.

Buzzdogs • 3 years ago

16 Reasons You Need To Follow Rescue Dog Izzy The Chow On Instagram

Izzy the Chow is a rescue dog living in Washington DC. She was rescued as a senior dog, and loves sharing her story on Instagram.

Buzzdogs • 3 years ago